All Inclusive Resort For Over 55 (closer to 60)


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I’m just thinking about all inclusive resorts.

Does anyone know about any resorts for the older generation, that may not be so fast paced. DW and I would like to just slow down and relax but I would still like some water sports IE: jet skies. Or are the big resorts like “Sandals†or “Beaches†just as good for older guests as well?



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We absolutely loved Flamingo Hotel in Cancun. All inclusive and not a large resort. Quiet but plenty to do if you want. Not many kids. Right across from Margaritaville. Can't beat their price. So much lower than the Sandals and Beaches.

George C

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We have done Sandals in Jamaica and that is fine for all ages, we liked the couples only. There are cheaper resorts but Sandals has a nice choice of resturants .


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I agree cruising is better on the wallet, except when my DW wants to shop. Our next cruise is our tenth and I will not miss that one. But after that I was just thinking. But a cruise will probably win. Also my DD can’t make this next cruise with us but wants to go on the one after that. So I may cruise just looking into my options.

Thanks All


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We are probably going to do an all inclusive to Cuba as our next holiday. Interesting that those above me say cruising is a better value. I thought so too, until I did a comparison. By the time we add our air (living in Vancouver and liking to cruise to the Caribbean), and our drinks, the all inclusive comes out cheaper. I like the idea of waking up in a different place every day though. So all in all, the cost is about the same. But we've done 5 cruises in a row now so next up is probably going to be an AI.


Gayle V

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We did the Beaches on Providenciales, in the Turks and Caicos. Such a beautiful place, with fabulous restaurants, a gorgeous beach, included use of all non-motorized water sports. Dare I say it: the food was better than most of the ships we've cruised. Drinks included (even the better quality stuff too.) The rooms were gorgeous, not your boring average hotel. The landscaping was so beautiful, with flowering shrubs and vines everywhere. Several pools, including one in the French area that must have been nearly 1/2 acre or more. The price was a good deal, better than our usual balcony cruises.

We really enjoyed it, but it is really more for families, with kids; with a water park and water slide area. The fatal flaw was that we were bored in the evenings. Daytime was much like a cruise. We'd either enjoy the pool or see the island. There are island type excursions, just like on a cruise. But after dinner there was nothing to do. Really nothing. The only "show" was a mediocre quality muppets show, for the kids early in the evening, and a sax player near a bar in the Italian area playing background music. That's it. Hubby was bored stiff.

There is a casino on the island, but you need a cab to take you there, and it's dressy, so you really should dress up. And I don't gamble. Either hubby would have had to go on his own, or I would have had to just stand around for hours. We are unlikely to do that more than once during a week. (Whereas on a ship, hubby gambles a bit every evening, while I enjoy other entertainments.)

[We were really lucky with our choice of dates, in that we arrived on the day of a huge grand opening celebration for the Italian section. It was a very lavish party, with lots of famous celebrities mingling around. Also, lots of boring speeches. But they topped it off with huge fireworks display. Without that, we'd have been disappointed in the trip. Unfortunately, that was a one time thing.]