ALLA Tours warning



Just a heads up if you're trying to is one factor I found out about I didn't realize......they allow you ONE camera "pass" per museum *per couple*.... whereas DenRus says they issue ONE PER PERSON.....If you're not traveling with somebody in your household and you both want to take pictures to show each of your friends/family....tough got to decide who gets to use their $4.00 more PER MUSEUM !!....even though each person in your group pays the same dollar amount, they don't care that you're traveling with somebody that doesn't live in your house and you each want to take your own pictures for the agreed upon rate.I asked *twice* what would happen if I booked by myself...would they pair me up with another single person and we'd have to flip a coin on who takes the pictures and who has to pay more???? They wouldn't answer that question either time.

So just a heads up for those not traveling with somebody in their household and each want to take pictures without paying more.

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I'm confused. I'm booked with Alla for the beginning of August, and the tickets she sent me say, very clearly, that there is one photo pass per couple. Did your ticket not say this? I wonder, because it looks as though the tickets are mostly preprinted, and it is only the specifics of the date/name/type of tour that is entered. Surely you are not blaming someone else for your lack of understanding. Could you not work it out with the other person comprising your "couple"?

In any case, I have to say that, after coming halfway around the world, and paying a not insignificant sum in airfare, cruise fees and the like, spending an extra 24-40 dollars doesn't seem like something to get stressed over. Remember, this is a fee that the museums charge, and my understanding is all of the tour operators operate much the same.



Kia ora,
I wonder if your information is still correct. We were on the Century in June and used their tours. We encountered no problems. I had understood that these restrictions no longer applied (see earlier posts too) apart from where art work can be affected by camera flashes etc. In places such as the Hermitage the crowds would make photographs most difficult indoors anyway!.