Allure of the Sea early vs late dining advice


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Hi, will be going on Allure in November. Got booking for 6pm dinner, but I've been thinking maybe 8:30 is better as it gives more time between meals and also time to do activities before dinner.

However, I am wondering, would I miss much activities / shows if I do the 8:30 slot? I know for all the main shows, it wouldn't be a problem given they have many time slots. But I assume there are other activities / smaller shows / dance etc other than those would I miss much if I do the late seating?

Would love the feedback or info about the actual daily activity schedule!



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Did last year back to back cruise with Oasis.
First week we had the main seating and on the second week later seating.
You will be fine if you take the early or late dining, don't worry.
This year I'll have the early seating on both weeks onboard the Allure.