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!Aloha from Pride of Hawaii

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by cycofan, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. cycofan

    cycofan Guest

    Just a short note to check in. We have had a wonderful week, but are closing in on ready to head home, too. We have seen and done some amazing things! We've also really enjoyed our first "Freestyle" cruising experience. It takes a lot for a ship to overcome a bad first impression....but overall, we've had a great experience. Our cabin steward is the best we have ever had, and last night we had one of our best cruise ship meals ever at the Italian restaurant onboard.

    Will share more when we get back early next week, but until then, Aloha!

    Oh, and Karen.....I got your license plate! :)
  2. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Aloha! Thank you for checking in from so far away. I look forward to more comments upon your return. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!
  3. conniecat

    conniecat Guest

    Thanks for stopping the partying long enough to check in. Wow , your week went fast! Looking forward to photos and the review! cc
  4. Karry

    Karry Guest

    Oh, Lauren, THANK YOU!!!! I was JUST looking at "Kimo" aka Jim on my patio and wishing to have a Kalena aka Karen! What a sweetheart!! Hope you got plates for all of you! Glad you had a good trip and I am amazed how "fast" it went too! Can't WAIT to hear all about it! Don't fret when you are packing; just remember you are not only packing your clothes, but good memories too, and you have 2 precious little boys waiting for you at home! :) Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  5. Donna - dsw

    Donna - dsw Guest

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. So glad you enjoyed - I knew you would. Have a safe trip back!
  6. Cricket

    Cricket Guest

    Sounds like you had a great cruise and looking forward to getting home , too! can't beat that!
  7. nieciez

    nieciez Guest

    Glad to hear you enjoying your Hawaiian adventure. Can't wait to hear more and see some pics!

    JANPEP Guest

    Thanks for taking the time to check in.
    I'am glad you enjoyed your cruise.
    Have a safe trip home.
  9. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Guest

    :wave.. glad it's been good Lauren, and heading home to those cutie kids, makes it all the sweeter..will look forward to the review...:)..Joanne
  10. Rubysky

    Rubysky Guest

    Glad you are having a great time. We are contemplating an NCL Hawaii cruise this winter.

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