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Alright, Alright....Here We Go Again..."Big Cats Invade The ???? "

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by StudMuffin, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    Hey y'all,

    Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I've been in management classes this week....fun...fun.

    I should have time to put a little more info on the next cruise by the end of the week.

    Jim, how did the interview go?

    Where's Dookie & Kerri ?

    Denise, Chris...how are your claims coming from the damage? Arrielle got the package...she loved them. I took some pictures of her opening the box and trying on the tops, I will include them on the disc that I have yet to put together...should be able to this weekend if Anne doesn't have me painting.

    Gotta go to school...
  2. Hi All..
    I sent you an e-mail, I hope you got it , I need some info.. also the job won`t close till this friday so interviews will be late next week ..I hope

    Orlando Girls...
    I need to send Shawl... can I just send it to Denise`s .. I don`t have Cris`s address.. let me know so I can send it :) I hope yall are doing good and if you need anything for the insurance company just let me know

    Have a good day all
  3. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Hi guys - just saying hi. It's been a busy week at work and tomorrow I get to go to a day long seminar with guest lunch speaker Jerry Springer. Aren't you all jealous?

    I still think we should send prank e-mails to Ken and Kerry until they start to post again.

    I thought I'd share something about the upcoming election that you guys might get a kick out of. You know Ohio is one of the dreaded swing states. Well.....it's amazing when you drive down any city street around here. Every street is lined with political signs. As you drive down the street, it's Bush/Cheney, Kerry/Edwards, Bush/Cheney, Kerry/Edwards. Street after street you seem to see the same number of each signs - one after another for each candidate. It's going to be an interesting election night. Greg and I said we'll go to bed early with the TV on and wake up to hear results every once in a while. Kind of like falling asleep to those Red Sox/Yankees games that went too late into the evening!
  4. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest


    I for one will be glad when the election is over just to get rid of the signs. You would be surprised as to how much damage they cause with driving those signs into the ground...irrigation blowouts everywhere. And God help you if you remove one of those signs...your a political activist for the other side!

    As far as Dookie and Kerri goes, I suggest one better. Anything you read on the internet comes with the "email this to a friend" at the bottom of each page...what do you all think?
  5. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Hey all! I like George's idea of sending "email this to a friend" to Kerry's & Ken's email addy, EXCEPT I don't have their addys!!!!
  6. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    George - I am sick of the signs as well as sick of the commercials. I had heard on the Today Show that they started running more commercials in the so-called swing states beginning this past weekend. We are so sick of the commercials. They've become sort of interactive in our house - they come on and we shout back at the TV. And the local elections are 10x worse. The president is making an appearance in Westlake, at a new shopping center that opens today, and having a rally afterwards. The appearance is 5 minutes from our house. I am so glad I am leaving the area for the seminar today because I know the traffic is going to be insane! Well...off to see Jerry Springer....Sheree
  7. Good Morning All,
    I will be glad when the election is over.. and I am with Sheree about the commercials.. I yell back too!!! this is too funny yelling at the TV and radio..
    Have a good day all
  8. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Sheree and George, at least you don't live in Florida!!! Deck Diva said something about missing ballots from early voters, Geezzzzzzzzz go figure!

    How is everyone? We are still crazy getting ready for the show and the big shopping day after Thanksgiving. We are running an "IN THE BAG SALES EVENT". We give you a shopping bag and everything you can cram in it you get 20% off. Fun, Fun, Fun!

    Well I am off to get ready for work....... :wave
  9. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Dee - are bags available long distance???? I know there is at least one bag that I want to order here in the next few weeks!
  10. terrellk11

    terrellk11 Guest

    I figured I should pop in here and post something before everyone starts following George's idea of sending thousands of junk websites to my email.

    Sorry I haven't been by in a while, but work has pretty much taken over for the last few weeks. Our office has more work than we can really handle at the moment despite having hired a new attorney just a few months ago. In fact, there is so much work coming in that we are hiring two more (bringing us up to a total of 12 attorneys). I'm hoping that this will ease up my workload a bit as I've been getting assignments from the partners in both offices on a daily basis and having a hard time keeping up.

    Other than that, things are going fairly well. Kerry is adjusting to her new job. She isn't used to being 'the boss' yet and that is taking a bit of an adjustment, but I think she is really enjoying it and that the job is an excellent fit.

    On the vacation front, we still don't have any concrete plans for what we're doing next year. While my parents floated the idea of a Scandinavian cruise for next summer, there has been no further discussion the last couple of weeks (my mother is not the best planner in the world) and we're starting to doubt it's going to happen. Assuming that doesn't happen, we will probably go with a land-based trip to Europe next year. I haven't had much chance to travel as my family was dirt-poor when I was a kid (insert joke about me still being a kid here) and want to explore. Our first choice is Italy, which we may try to do in the late winter. We also may be going to Brazil for a friend's wedding in August but I'm not sure about that one yet.

    Finally, I'd like to briefly discuss sports. It is a great time to be a sports fan in Boston. We have the World Series Champion Red Sox, the Super Bowl Champion Patriots who continue to assert themselves as one of the greatest teams in the history of the sport, and my Boston College Eagles have beaten Notre Dame for the fourth straight year. God I love this city.

    Hope you are all well. And please don't flame my email.

  11. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Hey - Ken's alive. I was thinking about you a lot yesterday when I was at my seminar yesterday, Ken. It was put on by a bunch of employment lawyers, and each one was more boring and monotone than the next. All I could think was that you would be so much more fun and that these guys (and girls) needed to lighten up a little. One of the guys was kind of cute (as I pointed out to my single friend) but as soon as he opened his mouth I said to her that could take about 90 seconds of him before I'd have to slap him. We agreed that even though he looked a lot like Rob Lowe, we couldn't take the boring personality and the fact that he made jokes infront of the crowd that caused him to laugh, but no one else! Of course, when he got off the podium we realized that he was also about 4 foot 10. Oh well. And Jerry Springer was actually pretty interesting. The only thing that bugged me is that his speech was more of a political speech since he is planning on running for Governer in 2 years. And as I mentioned with my low tolerance for political ads, it was a little hard to sit through. He actually has some pretty interesting ideas however.

    Greg and I are taking off to Columbus for the weekend. I did the Priceline thing and got us a nice hotel for $35. I'll be dragging Greg through the malls and we'll be enjoying margaritas along the way. My idea of a great weekend I must say!

    Well -hope everyone else has a good weekend. Be good to the trick or treaters! Sheree
  12. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Ken!!! Nice to see you again(posting that is) I hope Everyone has a safe Halloween and a great weekend!!!
  13. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Well welcome back Doggie, I mean Ken. Europe huh, are you sure you and Kerry don't want to adopt a 41 year old child at heart? LOL We have missed you and Kerry. Make sure when you venture to the Sunshine State, and we are really living up to that name lately, come visit the Orlando Fab 5. We understand about not having much time because of work. We have been busy gearing up for the holiday season and our fall show. Good to hear from you, tell Kerry the girls say HI :wave

    Sheree, our handbags are available to anyone, anywhere and especially for you!! Enjoy your weekend away. Greg we feel for you, we know how much Sheree likes to shop. Find yourself a little sports bar close to the mall!

    George, Anne and Arrielle, so sorry I did not call you back last night but I was exhausted and got home late. Tonight we have a purse party after work so I will call you on Sunday. Sorry about that!

    Jim, hope all is well on your end. Tell the kids hello for us.

    Hi Dan :wave

    Well I must get ready for work, chat later all :wave
  14. Hi All,

    Ken and Kerry..... it was nice to hear from you .. Bobbie sue still laughfs everytime she looks at the pics if her and Ken dancing at CandC...

    Greg and Sheree.. have a fun weekend

    To the Orlando Girls ... Cris.. we arp packing shawl as we speak and it will be in the post office by noon today and you should have it in a day of 2 . I hope your purse party is a hit .

    All is good here, the job I put in for closed yesterday, so it should not take long and before I get an interview,, and maybe the job

    George .. I hope you and Anne and Arrielle are doing fine.. if you get any info please send it asap..thanks for all your work

    Hi Dan

    Have a good weekend everyone
  15. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Thatn-you for the "hellos"! I hope all is well!!!
  16. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    Just thought I'd check in and see if it's time to turn the page!
  17. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    Just thought I'd check in and see if it's time to turn the page!
  18. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    Maybe it will take one more?

    You can all blame Jim...he did it to me on our board! :)
  19. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    Maybe it will take one more?

    You can all blame Jim...he did it to me on our board! :)
  20. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    Why are all of my posts showing up twice??

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