Alright, Alright....Here We Go Again..."Big Cats Invade The ???? "



Hi everyone,

Dan, I wanted Chip and Kim to win the Amazing race. I think overall they enjoyed their experience the most and really treated the people of the other ocuntries with such grace and respect that I really thought they deserved the money. However, if my decision were based soley on competitvness and who physically should have won it would have been those most miserable couple Colin and Kristy...She was amazing at the tasks but they were so rotten to each other and to the people in the other countries that I was relieved when they lost. God knows what he is doing....That is for sure.

Yeah....Where are all the big cats...Dee and I have been busy doing inventory for the store and we are gearing up for a bang up holiday.

I hope everyone is doing well we will check back later..Have a great day.



Hey y'all,

Been sitting through supervisor's training classes; yesterday's was "civil treatment for supervisors". Try sitting through that for eight hours. I am going to be looking at cruises this weekend. Any ideas of ships, sail dates you might have, submit them for all to see. It would be nice to take advantage of this years pricing, like we did last year. If we can set something up that only requires a $50 deposit that would be nice. Cruise-Addicts has offered to sponsor our group and we get to keep all the perks...that includes the free births. They also use Lorrie from Skyscraper Tours, whose name I have heard on several boards in the past, who I have heard nothing but good things about. We would also get a link to our own page, as seen by the two up top, to promote our group. I don't think we would then have any problems putting a very large group together. So do me a favor and submit any suggestions for ships that you have.


Ooooo I'm down w/the $50 deposit for sure.

Though I'm not sure about the "free births" - WTF??????????? LOL!!!

About the Amazing Race, I wanted Chip & Kim to win too. And I hope Colin's girlfriend dumps him straight away - what an ass.


I talked to Cheeky last nite! She called from AUSTRALIA!! After 2 1/2 hours of catching up, I put a bug in Cheeky's ear about them cruising w/the Big Cats, September 2005!! I hope you guys pick a ship that's not as big as the Mariner this time. OY VEY! Though, Cheeky likes the bigger ships. She said they only have 40 ton ships in their area and the ports aren't great. So if we find a great ship and some great ports (even if and especially if, they include St. Thomas again - for lots of reasons!!) we might convince them to hop back over for the fun!! YAY!!, I'm off to lunch. Have a great day all!

Oh, and by the way Dan, I was happy that Drew won Big Brother too! What a little hottie! heh heh!!


David Santo

I'm not too sure what we are doing next year, but I think that Dawn and I are going to take Jacob on the Disney Wonder. It's a shorter cruise, but we are budgeted now since we moved into our new home. I think a seven day cruise is going to be too much for the three of us, but if you happen to come up with something let me know. I think Mumsy is planning a cruise for October or November 2005 with some friends of hers, so she won't be going with us. Jacob will be three next year, plus we want to take him with us. It was pretty hard on Dawn and me to leave him for a week, but he did pretty well with my mother. Let me know what you come up with George. Thanks.


I have to second Yogini's question - WTF do you mean by "free births"? I'm doing everything I can to prevent Kerry giving birth for now thank you - can barely take care of myself, much less an infant - don't need free births.

I also have to agree with the Diva on the topic of The Amazing Race. The determination of who deserved to win varies depending on what you mean by "deserve". If you mean the people who played the smartest/hardest and simply dominated the game, then Colin and Kristy clearly deserved to win. However, if you mean the people that put the most into the event, learning as much as they could and adapting and admiring other cultures, then the right couple won. Personally, I'm torn between the two as I like the competition aspect, but feel the team that deserves the money got it.

On the vacation front, it looks like there is a chance that our (Kerry and I) next vacation will be a Royal Caribbean cruise. However, it is not likely to be anywhere near the caribbean. My family is looking into the possibility of a cruise to Norway next summer for my grandmother, who is Norwegian, and we may end up going with the family. Kerry found one that has all kinds of great ports, including France, England, Scotland, Ireland, three ports in Norway, and Amsterdam.



WTF don't you know WTF a free berth is? WTF!

I was cracking up - I never saw that on a post before. LOL! WTF! JK! ROTFLMAO!

If we get a certain number of cabins (usually 8) we get the next fare free. Thus, the free berth. And I believe it's berth not birth, right? Greg said to point out that even he knew that. Anyway - I say we all join Ken, Kerry and Grandma on their cruise. I want to know if Ken will strip down to his bra and panties in front of grandma, and gallop around in heels while dirty dancing with strangers. Does grandma have it in her to witness such a sight?

And before the jokes start coming from anyone about the Cleveland pitcher caught in his go-go boots on the team bus dressed like a cheerleader, I'd like to remind you all that I am the Orioles fan who lives in Cleveland. GREG IS THE INDIANS FAN.

Miss you all - I'm still telling everyone who'll listen that I had the best time with everyone. I hope we can work this out to cruise together again next year.

Must get ready for the comedy show tonight. Ooops I mean the debate. Sheree

David Santo

George, one option may be the Carnival Miracle that sails out of the port of Tampa. It is another western caribbean sailing, but the base price for an interior stateroom for the August 28th sailing is $549.00
I will keep looking, especially if we can get an eastern caribbean sailing on Carnival or any other cruise line.

David Santo

I just saw where the Royal Hounds are going on the Caribbean Princess on September 17th, 2005. From what I read, they had a great time on the Mariner. So, this may be another option.


I like the sound of sailing the Miracle! Carribean Princess sounds good to.

Doogie and Kerry, welcome back. Glad you had a good time at the wedding. Europe, sure go upscale on us after one cruise :lol You won't have nearly as much fun without us!! I think it's we won't have as much fun without you! LMAO :lol

Hope all is well with everyone. I believe there is a little stuffmuffin that is having a birthday this weekend, Happy Birthday Arrielle!!

Well all I must run for later :wave


Hey All!

I'm about to head on over to Deck Diva & Julie's house for a SURPRISE "Sail Away" birthday party for Cruise-Girl (Dee)! I can type this now because Dee's on her way home and can't read these boards. Today is her BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday, DEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad to hear and read everyone is doing ok. I've been slammed at work and haven't had much time to post. There's sooooo much to say, but sooooo little time. I'll check up on you later.

I've got to run........ Happy birthday to you too Ms Arrielle :)

Take care all,


:birthday Arielle. Have a terrific day!

Hi everyone... just been lurking :wave!



Happy Birthday to Arrielle and Dee! Doris - I am so glad you are posting now!

Hope everyone is doing well. Greg's been working like a maniac on things around the house between planting and painting. We know that Fall is right around the corner because the mornings sure are getting chilly here. I have tons of work to get done on the inside because it just things like keep just piling up. But...I always have time for thinking about my next cruise.

Here are my thoughts....
1. I'd love to do the Mariner again on the Eastern route. I love the ship, and love the route, except for Nassau which I can take or leave. (I don't hate but don't love it either)
2. I'd love to go a touch later in the year than we did this last time - perhaps the first or second week in October, but will consider everything.
3. I'd love to try Princess if it's reasonable. Otherwise my preference is probably RCCL.
4. If we found a reasonable 10 day cruise I'd be thrilled.

Ok - I'll continue my research too, but these are my preferences so far. I also put a call in to my normal travel agent from 2 and 3 cruises ago, to get prices on the Mariner sailing on 10/2. I'll share w/anyone who is interested, if you drop me an e-mail. I asked her for both group and single pricing.

Hope you are all off to a great weekend - Sheree


#73 about 10/9/05 on the Valor, a 7 day Eastern itinerary? Balconies start at $779 per the Carnival website.....

Or the Carribean Princess Eastern itinerary perhaps on 10/8?

Ok - I see nothing on Norweigan - and I need to go to bed. These are my suggestions to add to the list!



Hey all! I am wanting to do the Oct 2nd '05 cruise! I was just confused on the previous cruise! I thought that we (The BIG CATS & PARROTHEADS) were supposed to be a group!?!? The ONLY time that we were together as a WHOLE group was during the MEET & MINGLE! I thought that we would be hanging out more together! DO NOT GET ME WRONG, YOU ARE ALL GREAT PEOPLE, I was just confused that's all! I understand that there were people who wanted to do certain things (shore excursions, time alone, shows, etc........) on their own, but there was not a place or time for everyone to meet! I also realize that there are many people who know eachother from previous meetings/cruises, but some or most have been chatting/posting for many months! Hmmmmmmm....................

Does anyone agree with me or understand what I am saying?


Hi everyone its Deck Diva of course signed on as Cruise-Girl.

Well Miss Helipad as Dee is now known was quite surprised when we blind folded her and I took her in the bedroom and told her to remove her shirt and pants....She did a bit of the freak, thinking that I would leave her exposed for all the world to However, we slipped on her cruise dress and escorted her to the photo section of our cruise where she happily posed with Doris for a fabulous birthday photo....

As you now our theme was lido deck party and I made Bush Wackers so we were all a bit toasted and had great fun celebrating her birthday. Doris got her a fabulous Globe, thank god because if we had to hear about how much she wanted that damn globe one more day we might have shoved it down her throat....lmao

I wish you were all here in body but you were definitely here in spirit.

I am sure Cruise-Girl wil be posting soon to tell you more on the evening....So have a great day and i will check back tomorrow.

PS. Dan, In this group, we need to be dispersed in moderation to much time with a big cat can lead to permanant mental damage........ROAR lol


Morning all - - I've got to download some pics. Cheeky & Phizer sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for helping out with their immigration needs, and I want to share that with you all. Also, I have pics from Dee's boarding party/birthday party and want to share some of those as well. Note, I said "some" - LOL! No videos from this one folks - sorry!

Ken, if you want to adopt me, instead of letting Kerry give birth, I'll gladly go on the Euro-cruise with you and your fam! I've been to all of those places (except Norway) and would LOVE to go! Especially to Amsterdam - - I've been there twice!

Alright, well, my car is in the shop (something about a chip in the alternator) and I'm using my dad's truck until Monday nite (which by the way has no air!! OY VEY!!). And today, I have to go to a friend's house and feed her bird while she is away this weekend. Considering she lives three buildings from my apartment building, the "no air" issue won't be a big deal. (Oh yes, I WILL drive three buildings away and not walk! LOL! The walking part is saved for the three flights of stairs up to her apartment.)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

XO Yogini

baby love Jim

Good Morning all...

Ok I have been checking on cruises for next are my feelings

1) I would go on the Mariner again.. I loved that ship.. and Eastern would be nice this time ...maybe the Sept. 18th. or oct 2nd somewhere in there

2) Carribean Princess Eastern .. This would also be nice.... you need to see Princess Insurance... wow even if you can`t go for any reason ...and if the Insurance won`t pay;;; Princess will give you a 75 to 90 % voucher on another cruise......I went on Travelocity to check this out ... also Princess had a Moror coach from most places in Fl. for $45 round trip

I really wouldn`t want to do another Carnival ship.. after the Glory I think carnival stinks...

I will keep looking .. and maybe I can find a 10 or 12 day cheap :)

I hope everyone is doing well


Hey there all.....


Well the lido deck birthday party was fantastic!! Fun, Fun, Fun!! Deck Diva made so strong Bushwackers!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes.

As far as the cruise for next year I do know that our gang would rather not go on the Mariner again. We prefer to try different ships with each experience. We would consider Carnival but only on the Spirit Class ships like the Miracle. Princess and HAL are options to. We have not researched anything just yet and probably will not until we get through this Holiday Season at the store. I want to go to Europe with Ken and Kerry!! I guess that will have to wait for a couple of years. Can't leave the babies for that long.

Well I just wanted to say later.... :wave