Alright, Alright....Here We Go Again..."Big Cats Invade The ???? "



Good Morning all....

Kerry, so sorry to hear about the accident! Hope your neck and back start to feel better. Back pain sucks! I to would like a link to the pics and to the new site Yogini.
You did ask us to email that to you, didn't you? I will do so. have my email already!

I think if you all really like the Mariner you should go again. We will not be booking with the group because it is to soon for us. We will really will not know until next year if we can go or not and we know we will not do the Mariner. We really loved the ship but with only cruising once a year we like to experience different ships. I think if we can cruise it will be the Miracle or Princess. We really want to cruise on the Miracle.

I sure hope you all have been doing good. We have been busy preparing for the fall festival and filling orders.

Arrielle, we have not forgotton your birthday present. We will get it in the mail this week...sorry we are so late.

Hi Anne. I feel like it has been months since we spoke. Last time we spoke you were doing damage at Dillards, any good deals?

Well all I must go to later..... :wave Sheree, congrats on the mile marker.


Hey all - yes, Sheree, I was posting while watching the debate. I'm a little ADD when it comes to sitting through the entire I have to occupy myself doing something else while listening to it in the background. I had my living room and bedroom tvs on, while puttering around cleaning, doing laundry and posting online. Only the first part of it could I sit through without getting up. What can I say - - I'm fidgety! lol!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



Yogini - I didn't know there was a new site out there until you e-mailed me. Was there some disruption in the old neighborhood that caused some of the people there to branch off? If anyone knows the story e-mail me!

A great Fall day here in Cleveland....70 and sunny with a crisp breeze and leaves rustling around in the yard. It's pretty!


Does everyone here have the Travel Channel? On Thursday Samantha Brown from Great Hotels will be on a RCCL ship!!!!


Hello All,
I hope that you all are doing well.

Well we have moved. Thank goodness that is over for a few months. We are now living in a senior citizens retirement park...... Yipee! Won't this be fun.

Dee and Chris I hope to get in to see your shop someday soon. Definately before Christmas.

Sorry I missed telling the birthday girls happy birthday on their birthdays so HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO BOTH OF YOU.

To all thinking about next years cruise..... go on the one with us. We had so much fun with all of you.

Kerry sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you are ok. I got your Marc Jacobs but we have been so busy moving that I have not had a chance to mail it. I am off to UK and France on Tuesday and will not be back until the 25th of October. I promise to get it out as soon as I get back. I am just not going to have a chance to get to PO before I leave. To much last minute stuff to do for my trip.

So Barb did you get nude on Orient beach too? I will definately pass on that next year.

Got to go, Just wanted to say hi to all of you. Seems like forever since I have had a chance to go on line.

Everyone take care and I will check back in after the 25th. I will not have access to email when I am away.


Hello Cats!
Hope you are having a great weekend. We took the GD to Sea World yesterday. It was very crowded, but we had fun!

Hope you are feeling better after the accident! How do you like your new job? I think you and Ken deserve two cruises next year! One with us back on the Mariner and the one you have planned. Doesn't that sound wonderful? Wonder if there is a Margaritaville in St. Thomas or St. Maarten? I know they have a Sandals in the Bahamas. The problem is the departure time is 2:00.

Orient Beach is a beautiful beach. If you walk to right, past the rocks that is where the nudists are located. We had our bathing suits on and our curiousity made us peek cause we had never been to one before. The other part is not nude. You may see an occasional French girl going topless. I think we spied 3 girls topless in our all day adventure. We could go to the Dutch side this time. We have plenty of time to research the ports of call board. I have a friend who stayed at a time share for a week there. I'll ask him for recommendations.



"Denise and Nancy, Where are you? We have missed your postings!"
LOL Barb :wave ... I guess we could claim there's a problem logging in from Chicago, but you probably wouldn't buy that :).

Hi EVERYONE. Regina, if I caught you in time: =funsign! HAVE A WONDERFUL TRIP!
Kerry, How are you feeling. Did you get my email?
Yogini, what the new site? email me too :)

I'm anxiously awaiting everyone's decision for fall. As some of you might know, I booked a singles group cruise for January with my Bingo winnings =quickgetaway , but I'm still planning on on a cruise next fall. :cheers

Take care!


Hello everyone....

Nancy...a singles go girl!!!

Stuff.....I have not seen you post the pics from the last night yet. Can you email me the pic of the girls, the one where Regina and I pretended Tommy was in it? Thanks. If I send you a disc could you burn one of your pics? I got a scrapbook for my birthday and would like to use it for this past cruise.

Well have you all made a decision where the Big Cats will be cruising next year? I hate that we can't book with you all. Just can't make that commitment yet.

Hope everyone is doing well......check in later.... :wave


Good morning y'all, you want a full disk again or just the pics you wrote about? Let me know. Also, I wrote on your birthday about what kind of globes it is that you collect, what are they? As far as Arrielle's birthday, you gave her something when we were there, remember? On the cruise front, I have a call into Lorrie to get some more info on three cruises, I'll let you know what I find out. Do you think you can book with a small deposit like we had last year? That way if you can't make it, or you just change you mind, you can still cancel. We will call you soon.

Did anyone happen to catch that Ram's game yesterday....what a team.


Hey George - saw the last few minutes of your Rams playing - but that was all I needed to watch, huh? Just when I was thinking "poor George" things turned around! When you get deposit details be sure to e-mail me.

Anyone here from woowoochick lately? If you are lurking post when you get a chance Denise!

And to everyone else, hope you are all off to a good week!



Hey y'all,

I spoke with Lorrie of Skyscraper tours this morning. She is getting a little more info as far as possible lower deposits for the group and also more info for 3rd and 4th passenger rates. As soon as I get them, I will let you all know.


I know a few of us remember the muts, looks like the have found a new home...


baby love Jim

Hi All,
I just posted on the puppies site.. it will be a blast to joke with them again them again .. for all that don`t know the Hounds .. they gave us the Big Cats name.. they were the Glory Hounds and we were the Glory Big Cats and we cruised the week before them.... and met them at out last home ... seems like they got evicted too LMAO that is way to funny.
Hope all is well


Uh...correction! You are now and will always be the kitties!

By the way...someone needs to change the litterbox! :)