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Alright, Alright....Here We Go Again..."Big Cats Invade The ???? "

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by StudMuffin, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Hey Kristi!!!!!! I see you found the Big Cats.....now the real fun may begin!!!!!! I have registered on ya'lls new site. Nice place there!!!!! Hopefully will post soon. Anybody over there want to cruise to Alaska next summer????? Michelle
  2. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    Actually we've talked about Alaska for summer/fall 2006. Nothing has been decided yet though. I don't think we're going to get the whole group to go but lots have said they'd like to.
  3. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Good Morning Big Cats....Birds....and Hounds....I knew I smelled something..... :lol

    George, we would love a full disc if possible! Now what we gave Arrielle for her birthday when she was here was prebirthday, now we have her, I guess you can now say, the belated birthday. We will mail it this week. I did get a globe for my birthday, just a regular textured globe, I love it! If we book with the group with a small deposit and cancel, will we get our small deposit back? We are crazy to go on the Miracle!

    Hey there Kristi, I to registered on your site. Did not post yet but will be over to do so soon! Now shoo! :lol We mill you furry k-9's.

    Sure hope everyone is doing well. Kerry, how are you feeling? Doogie, where are you?

    Chat later.... :wave
  4. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Hey Georgia......we are looing to push Alaska to 2006, we are like I said crazy to sail the Miracle. The theme has Deck Diva just out of her mind!
  5. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I see the posting is getting thinner and thinner as the days go by. I too have fallen by the wayside and am sorry.

    George, where is Anne? How was Arrielle's b-day celebration this past weekend? I do want a cd of all the photo's you took Stud Muffin. I can't wait to see them all..

    Michelle, I would love to sail Alaska but as Dee said we are going to have to take that trip in 2006.

    I have been reading an artical in the cruise magazine on the Miracle and it sounds simply amazing. I did not like Carnival experience on the Glory but the Miracle is to good to pass up. We are hoping that by Sept of next year we will be able to cruise. It will all depend on our business growth and doggie sitters.

    Kerry, I am so sorry to hear about your accident, I hope you are feeling better. I am very jealous about your european vacation you are planning for next year. That would be amazing. How romantic for you and Ken. By the way, what is this link to pictures everyone is talking about. I want it to please......

    Jim, How are the kids doing? Is Sarah still seeing the kid from the ship who lives 30 minutes away?

    Sheree, How are you and Greg doing? Any good shopping adventures lately...lol

    WooWoo chick....Where are you....

    Ken, I miss reading your sarcastic posts....We want you back,.....

    Well, I wanted to post and give a shout out to you all. I miss not meeting for Dinner on a daily basis and planning our evening activities.

    I will be check back later.

  6. A-HA! Kristi you didn't turn the page! LOL! But thanks for playing...

    I'm gonna go doo on your site in a sec!

    Hello all - - where is everyone? I haven't decided on a cruise either. I have a friend who may sell her condo next year, and if the choice is a cruise or a property of my very own - - I think you know the WISER choice! We shall see!

    Alright...shocking news...can you believe...73 days until CHRISTMAS!!

    OY VEY!

    Later all...

  7. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Hi guys - just checking in. It's Greg's birthday today - the big 39. Wow....now he's as old as grampy!
  8. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Cris - as soon as I pay off my Visa, which arrived today, I'll be calling to place my next order. I am still dreaming of the pucci-esque bag!

    Just visited the hounds and introduced myself. That's a very nice site - but I really like our neighborhood here in C@ land!

    Kerry and Ken - we miss you. Please post and let us know how you guys are doing.

    And woowoo where are you?
  9. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Hey All!!!
  10. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    Hey y'all,

    Check your email, I recieved the rest of the info from Lorrie today, let me know what you think?
  11. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    You kitties aren't doing your job very well because I smell a rat! I did turn the page...it was that way all day! It's ok though...I know the truth! :)
  12. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    WOW Yogini, you have a friend that is going to buy you land!!! That is a very good friend......and I thought we were close! :lol I guess that friends name begins with a "T". You are crazy girl :lol

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO GREG.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU......A fellow Libra....I knew I liked you! Take it easy Grampy, you don't want to hurt yourself! :lol

    George, can you resend me the email on the cruise, I deleted it by accident. OOPS!

    Well I must go get ready for work...chat later :wave
  13. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    I must be out of my mind....DUH.....I get it now Yogini!!!
  14. Sheree, do you still stop in chat once in awhile?
  15. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    Top 10 reasons the kitties should cruise the Caribbean Princess nest September:

    10. Many of you said you'd like to do Princess
    9. It will have been almost 2 years since you've done an eastern route
    8. Princess cay...will be a new port to you!
    7. You're going to cruise anyway
    6. Puppies are loyal friends!
    5. We don't care if you haven't had your flea dips!
    4. Think of the fun door decorations on a Hounds/Kitties cruise!
    3. I've already got an idea for a T-shirt for this cruise
    2. You know you wanna!
    1. We can finally put the myth that Hounds and kitties can't iive in harmony to bed!
  16. woowoochick

    woowoochick Guest

    Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't checked in for a while. It looks like a have some reading to do in order to get caught up on what is going on with everyone. I don't think Bill and I will be cruising next year. :( Hope everyone is doing well. It looks like some dogs are invading this spot and trying to get the cats to cruise with them. Beware of the dog poop!
  17. Hello all.

    Woowoo. ......it is about time you posted girl!! and I am sorry you won`t be cruising next year.. but you better still post.

    The puppies have been here I can smell them....

    Kristikate, ....
    I loved the 10 reasons... sounded good to me LOL

    Orlando Girls,,
    We are all doing good :) .. keep me informed about Cris`s roof.. I hope yall are doing good :)

    HI Dan!!!!

    oriolesfan22 ...
    Tell Greg we said Happy Birthday

    Ken and Kerry ..
    Hope yall are doing good

    Everyone else
    Have a good night
  18. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Hi guys - just checking in to say WHERE IS EVERYONE? It's been 12 hours + since the last post and no one else has checked in!


    Nancy - I do poop into chat every once in a while if I see familiar names as currently on-line but I haven't caught anyine in there lately.

    I am looking forward to a lazy weekend. We're supposed to see Ladder 49 with friends Saturday night, but otherwise I am just going to hang out around the house.

    Hope someone posts or I am going to start talking to myself again on-line! Sheree
  19. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    I could not let the "POOP" into chat go by with out a LMAO!!! :lol We know what you meant Sheree, it's okay still LMAO :lol
  20. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Hey all have a great weekend!!!!

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