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Alright, Alright....Here We Go Again..."Big Cats Invade The ???? "

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by StudMuffin, Sep 19, 2004.

  1. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    oriolesfan22 Wrote:

    > Nancy - I do poop into chat every once in a while
    > if I see familiar names as currently on-line but I
    > haven't caught anyine in there lately.
    > Sheree

    That's the problem with kitties....just when you think you've got them litter trained they go and poop in the chatroom.
  2. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Did anyone watch The Travel Channel's Samantha Brown go on the Brilliance-12 day cruise out of Barcelona? It was on yesterday!
  3. kristikae

    kristikae Guest

    And I turned the page! Unless you kitties pull some of your tricks again! :)
  4. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    That's what happened guys - all this talk about pooping in the litter box and I can't even say "pop into chat"!!

    For the record, I am blaming Yogini! And Kristikae since I haven't met you in person!!
  5. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    Hey y'all,

    Well these are the current tabulations that I have for voting on the next cruise, thanks to all for making it so obvious....yeah right! Also included are links to reviews of each ship, take a little time and email me with what you think.

    Voting for next cruise

    Ship 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place

    Miracle: 3 1 2

    Mariner: 3 1 2

    Princess: 0 4 2


    •TA - <http://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=295>

    •Average Cruiser - http://www.cruise-addicts.com/reviews/listoneship.php?ShipRequest=0000000170

    Caribian Princess:
    •TA: http://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=303

    •Average Cruiser: http://www.cruise-addicts.com/reviews/listoneship.php?ShipRequest=0000000199

    Mariner :
    •TA- <http://cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=274>

    •Average Cruiser- <http://www.cruise-addicts.com/reviews/listoneship.php?ShipRequest=0000000186>
  6. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    wow, did that one get screwed up...
  7. John

    John Guest

    I fixed it for you. :)
  8. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    I've been anxiously awaiting the results - and now we are completely divided between 2 ships? Let me be the first to say OY VEY!
  9. Blame Yogini? I see how you are! LOL! Poop in! lol!

    John, always there to save the day! He's like our guardian angel here! WE LOVE YOU JOHN! ;)

    Morning all...hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! The weather here is FAB-U-LOUS! I'll be leaving the house soon, sun roof open, windows down, loving-every-minute-of-it!


  10. Hi all,
    The weather is so nice here today,
    We are driving over to North Melbourne today to see the band that played at Grills ,the night before the cruise. Bubba and the Guitar player have been e-mailing and he has given Bubba alot of good tips.
    The band is called O-Zone they are playing In Wickham Park from 8till midnight..
    we are going to have a long day 2 1/2 hour drive each way :)
    I hope everyone has a nice weekend

    ps Geroge .......
    Toss a coin and you call it ... that would work for me :)
  11. oriolesfan22

    oriolesfan22 Guest

    Gorgeous weather here too - but you Floridians would probably have your parkas on! It's in the 50's with a slight wind, and all the colored leaves are rustling around making noise. This is what we northerners call the perfect Fall day. Wish you could see it! Sheree
  12. Couldn't agree more Sheree.... absolutely beautiful in Chicago with all the trees changing! Of course, getting used to wearing a jacket again isn't quite as much fun :) LOL

  13. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Okay now enough teasing about the beautiful fall weather up north, we are jealous!! Actually Sheree or Nancy we could see it if you posted a digital picture of it, how about it? We can live our fall dreams through you!

    The weather has been amazing this weekend. Friday was perfect. I actually love when the weather is cool out with that Florida sunshine shinning down not making us melt, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    Well when are you all going to decide on the cruise. We are just curious. If we cruise next year and it is a big IF, we are going to sail the Miracle. The Cruise Travel Magazine had a write up on the Miracle and we are now crazy to get on that ship. I can't imagine not sailing with the group but unfortunately we are unable to commit at this time. We need to get through our holiday season first.

    George, did you find out if our small deposit is refundable or not?

    We are gearing up for our show the first week in Nov., the Lake Eola Fall Festival. We have made some new designs and can't wait to show them off. It will also be a great weekend to promote the store, they say about 70,000 people attend the festival, WOO HOO!

    Jim, your evening sounded great! Did you have a good time. The weather was perfect for it!! Tell the kids hi.

    Anne, we have Arrielle's package ready, we just had to put a card in it which Chris is doing and off to AZ it will be. I think there is a little something for you to!! Sorry George, you know the drill, girl store!

    Well everyone, I must run, waiting for the insurance inspector to show up with regards to the last hurricane. It will be nice to get my neice's room back in order.

  14. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Jim, how was seeing O-Zone again? I liked their music when we were at Grills!!!
  15. Hi All,
    We had a good time last night I got 2 hrs of video, Bubba got to go on stage but didn`t get to play.
    The band O-Zone was real good, they play lots of classic rock and some countryand the sound system was good too . We ended up getting home at 3:30am but it was all worth it we had a blast.

    The kids said to say HI to everyone :)

    Hi Dan!!!!
  16. Tired2000

    Tired2000 Guest

    Jim, say hi to your kids for me as well!!!
  17. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest

    Hey y'all,

    Check your email...

    Denise, yes the deposits are fully refundable, just found out this morning.
  18. StudMuffin

    StudMuffin Guest


    Found this in a review of the Miracle, guess who the maitre'd is.....

    "The Bacchus Dining Room really does look a little strange with those pink skittles on the walls. The maitre'd, Ken, was really awesome. He would sing at dinner (sounded just like Frank Sinatra) and the waiters and waitresses would dance. That's certainly different from any previous cruise I've been on. The food was good, but I really think that the food on Princess is better."
  19. cruise-girl

    cruise-girl Guest

    Where is everyone?

    Well George, even though I really don't get a vote I still pick the MIRACLE!! There I said it! :lol
  20. Hi All,
    After reading a few reviews on the Miracle I think I would give Carnival another chance.. I just couldn`t find a bad review.. so I vote for the Miracle too..
    I hope everyone is doing good

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