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Am I the only one? lol

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by erica514, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    Wow. I think I'm the only one going on the Destiny on October 10th!!! Whoohoo! The whole ship to ourselves...3 single 30-somethings with nothing better to do than have fun in the sun!!! lol

    Hopefully, the closer the cruise gets (sigh....so far away.....), I'll start to see some people on this board who are joining us on that particular sail date. :)

    Oh, and is anyone else completely and totally ADDICTED to the streaming radio through this site? lol I know I am. I think I'm driving everyone here at work absolutely CRAZY with all my cruise talk. You'd think I was leaving tomorrow. lol
  2. Sodey

    Sodey Guest

    Well, now that we know there will be 3 single fun loving babes on board, we'll have to investigate that cruise as a possibility!
  3. coffeecups

    coffeecups Guest

    Some people will not post their cruise here if only for privacy. Others will. I usualy post mine.

    Your post just got Sodey interested and maybe there will soon be others!!!

  4. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    I just realized I put the 10th as the sail date. I meant the 9th. We'll already be in St. Thomas on the 10th. lol Oops. I will always post mine as well. I've only ever been on one other cruise, and that was back in 1995. Of course, THEN it was my mom, my sister, and myself. I couldn't really do as much as I wanted since mom was footing the bill. But THIS time, it's MY money...LOOK OUT DESTINY...HERE I COME!!! lol Though, even back then, I had the time of my life. I would LOVE to cruise every year. Who knows. Maybe I'll just have to start going by myself. The tough part for me is finding people (who can afford it) to go with me. Doesn't happen often. I love to travel, though. :) Next year, there will be no cruise...I'm going to Italy instead!!!
  5. batman4279

    batman4279 Guest

    There should be approximately 3,000 people on the ship with you, enjoy!!!
  6. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    Oh, there's no doubt about THAT! I enjoy myself anywhere that involves sun and the water! lol
  7. Zolo

    Zolo Guest


    you sound like my kind of girl *LOL*

    I would love to join you on the Destiny in Oct, but I am already booked for the Valor in November.

    However if you need an Italian guy to escort you through Italy next year *LOL* Just say the word :)

    Have a great trip
  8. erica514

    erica514 Guest



  9. Zolo

    Zolo Guest

    So am I to take all those dancing happy faces as a YES?
  10. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    lol But of course! Always happy to add an Italian to the bunch. :)
  11. Zolo

    Zolo Guest

    Ahhhh molto bene *LOL*

    You are gonna have a ball on your cruise. If you had a great time on the ship as a teen with your Mom and sis. Imagine what you are gonna do as a "grown up" with your friends *LOL* .

    I will be on the Valor with a large group of really close friends who usually cruise together every other year AND THIS IS OUR YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO *LOL*

    Every cruise the crowd gets bigger because everyone hears what a blast we had on the last cruise. :)

    The only 2 rules for cruiseing with us is NO DEADHEADS !!!!! and WHAT HAPPENS ON THE SHIP< STAYS ON THE SHIP!!!!!!!! *LOL*
  12. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    Well, I wasn't quite a teen. I was 22. lol It was a college graduation gift for my sister and I from my mother's boss. Nice, huh?

    I wish a whole group of us would go, but most of my friends are too cheap. They think that forking over the money for a cruise is ridiculous, when they could go to Ocean City, MD for a week, and split the cost between multiple people. What they don't consider is that by the time they've bought all their food by the end of the week, they've spent just as much, most likely. Ah well. At least my best friend is going. And one of our other friends from college. 10 years later, and we all still hang out. It's great.

    I'm hoping to cruise more often, possibly solo sometimes if I can get up the nerve to travel alone. I've never done that. lol But, I'd rather be on a cruise ship vacation, than a land vacation ANY DAY!!! lol
  13. Zolo

    Zolo Guest

    Oh absolutely!!!!!!

    I have really become addicted to cruising myself.

    You are so right about the cost too. After meals you are spending the same amount, and where are you gonna eat like you do on a cruise on a land based vacation for that money?

    Plus on a cruise you get to se several places rather than being just stuck at one..

    I still love my trips to Vegas!!!!!!!!!!! But otherwise I am a cruise addict :)
  14. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    I'd only ever go to Vegas to check out the club scene. Don't gamble much (except for quarter slots...lol). The shows would be something to see. One woman I work with goes twice a year.
  15. Zolo

    Zolo Guest

    Oh trust me , I am not a heavy gambler by no means.

    I do love the night life though, and the shows, and oh yea the buffetts *LOL* :)

    Its a lot of fun to go with a gang like I do and just have a blast. The best times are when we have someone who has never been before and just watch them walk down the street with their heads craneing every which way and their mouths wide open. *LOL*

    And then of course there is New Orleans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    I was just in NOLA last July. lol WHAT A BLAST!!! I miss my Cafe du Monde. :) We stayed on Frenchman Street, right near the French Market, and they were filming a movie with Ann Heche. It was pretty cool. Except the scene they were shooting was a car screeching to a halt, practically in front of our condo building. Very noisy...all day and into the wee morning hours. I definitely want to go back. Just recently found out one of my college friends moved there...he told us whenever we go back down, we have a place to stay!!!! WOOHOO!!! lol

    Oh, and yes, we came home with LOTS of beads. ;) :grin
  17. Zolo

    Zolo Guest

    Oh yea NOLA is great

    Went down there in 2003 for two days before our Conqust cruise . It was a blast . We stayed up on Canal St right near Bourbon St. Which was fantastic. Certainly an experience I will never forget. *LOL*

    The day we sailed, we headed down to the French market area early before going to the ship, and walked around the Decatuer area. That was very nice also.

    I became very addicted to the coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde *LOL*

    We are all planning a long weekend in NOLA hopefully next year.

    Hmmmmmmmm so you came home with a LOT OF BEADS ???????????????

    HMMMMMMMMM don't know what to say to that ......yes I do

  18. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    did you know you can order the coffee online? I brought some home with me, as well as some beignet mix. Haven't made the beignets yet, but the coffee is almost gone. I will have to order more soon. Gotta have my cafe au lait!!!

    Yeah, that's pretty much what everyone was saying at the time. lololol :lol
  19. Zolo

    Zolo Guest

    I brought some home too and that went pretty fast here also. :)

    I know you can order it on line, but we have this store around here that has all kinds of specialty gourmet things and they sell it there . They also have the beignet mix, which I tried to make at home and they were okay but just not the same as "The real thing".

    But the coffee is still pretty good when I make it at home :) :)
  20. erica514

    erica514 Guest

    I only make that coffee occasionally, which is why it's lasted since July. lol I order flavored coffee from a mail order company, so I drink that more often. The coffee and chicory is saved for more special occasions. Or if I'm out of flavored coffee. lol I haven't made the beignets because they take alot of workspace, since they need to be rolled out. I have a tiny kitchen. Not much counter space. lol

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