Am I told young to cruise on Celebrity?



I am thinking about booking on Celebrity for the caribbean in November for 7 days. My man and I are 37 and like to have fun (not carnival type of way) but really don't want to be the youngest ones around.

Is the crowd on celebrity too old for us?


I think you'll really enjoy it. I don't think 37 is too young for Celebrity but I'd steer clear of Holland America.

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No, you are defnitely not too young. I am 28 and my husband is 31. We just got back from a week long western carib cruise on Century where there were all ages. A lot of honeymooners. A lot of young and older couples. Not sure if that's because it was a summer month, but there was a variety of ages and great dance clubs if you're into that.


Not at all- we're 37 and had a great time on an 11 day cruise (which has even less "younger" people than a 7 day cruise). It is a more subdued and classy line but you can definitely let your hair down as well.


If your idea of "fun" is a hairy chest or "dress up in your wife's lingerie" contest then you are definitely on the wrong cruise line, no matter how old you are.

Stope being an "ageist" if people over 40 don't know how to have fun or wouldn't be willing to include you in it. The only person your age will make a difference to is....YOU!

Enjoy your cruise.

J.E. M.

My sons are 27 & 33, book them a cabin and they had a blast on board the Summit.


On our first cruise I was 32 and hubby was 35 and we loved every minute of it. We found that it's not the chronological age that matters but the spiritual age. Our table companions were all in ther 60s and one couple was in their 70s. We laughed and talked so much, we were almost always the last to leave the dining room. Those folks were great as were the folks of ALL ages and backgrounds we met on our honeymooon cruise.


The sterotype comes from the longer cruises (10+ days) where the age does go up...Primarily due to more free time of older passengers.....Go with Celebrity and enjoy!


I don't think age has a thing to do with it. It is all dependent on the type of person that you are. If you love the Vegas dance, drink, and gamble all night; Celebrity might not be for you.

I'm 39 and my wife is a tad older. We have sailed Celebrity since 1999 and our eighth Celebrity cruise is in 45-days. There is lots to do and you can have a great time. You just have to understand who Celebrity is geared toward.

Celebrity is geared towards a toned down crowd. Yes we can be crazy and drink and gamble, but its more eligant than Carnival or RCCL. I personally think you will have a great time.

My advice is you have to try it to know what you think of Celebrity. I can tell you what I think but my tastes and likes may be vastly different than yours. I have tried the major lines (Celebrity, RCCL, Carnival, HAL, Princess, NCL) and I have my opinion on each and which ones I like and don't like.

Again, you have to try it to know for sure. It's a cruise, how could it be bad?


My husband and I are 32. From what we can tell on the various rollcalls, we're pretty sure that the prevalent 60-something group will probably out-last us on the partying. They all seem to be a really fun group, and even though we'll likely be at the younger end, I don't think that we'll feel out of place at all. From all that I can tell about the line in general, and the people on the cruise specifically, I think that Celebrity will be a great fit for us.


My wife and myself (29 & 28 respectively) are loyal Celebrity cruisers and have NEVER felt too young. We typically find many other couples & familes our age and we hit it off well. There is plenty to do to keep you busy and you won't have to woory about the wheelchair parade when it is time to disembark. You will LOVE Celebrity!


I read an article recently on Celebrity cruises and it started like this, "If the ladies from Sex and the City were to take a cruise, it would be a Celebrity Cruise". Celebrity is for the young crowd that likes things to be done with style and not tacky (Carnival). Another article referred Celebrity as the Land Rover of cruises and Holland America as the Cadillac. I must say, having sailed both lines the comparison is true although I like Holland America as well. Forget what your friend said and have a great time. What ship are you considering? I am on the Constellation over Thanksgiving.


The Oldest fellow passengers were on our NCL Sun cruise in Nov 2001-13 nights. I have never seen so many oxygen tanks and wheelchairs. Made our 2 HAL cruises look like kindergarteners!!
We are 42 and 48 respectively and never worry about the age of our fellow cruisers.