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Amenities for Cats. PS, S, SS, A & B



Shipmaven....thank you for the info re: AmEx Platinum and Pinnacle Grill. Neither AmEx nor my TA told us about that,

Sage: Of the many back-to-backs we have done, the MOST we have had to do is to disembark at any time during the disembarkation procedure and present our Passports to Immigration, We do not always have to do it....it depends upon what your last port was before returning to FLL. If a U.S. port, you would not have to clear again.
After presenting our documents, we are permitted to either return immediately to the ship or remain ashore at our option.

Happy to answer any back-to-backs questions you may have. We simply love, love, love those b-to-b's. For us, the ship is our destination. We have spent so very much time in the Caribbean that most of the ports mean little to us. Our destination is the ship and the more time aboard, the better.

Nite Jones

I'm going on my first ever cruise -- the Maasdam on 1/31. I've been lurking, reading the various posts and I have a question.

With all the newly implemented changes, how is tipping *currently* working? Do they add the tip onto the bill? Can you -- as in, are you permitted? It would be really great to have that on the credit card, versus needing the cash.

We splurged and picked up a great deal on an "S" suite and I've been drooling over all the amenities.

Any advice for a newbie cruiser?




I checked with HAL last week. The new tipping policies have not yet been implemented. You will need the cash. Nothing will be added (or can be added) to any chits or to your onboard account.

Advice? Just sit back, relax, and enjoy being pampered! You'll love what Neptune Lounge--and your Suite--have to offer.

Bon Voyage!