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Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by berner, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. berner

    berner Guest

    Has anybody stayed in the Amerisuites in Ft Lauderdale, Fl. If so, was the hotel nice. Do they have an airport shuttle and a port shuttle.
  2. janz

    janz Guest

    Yes, we stayed there. They do have a shuttle service from the airport to the hotel, and to the pier. One thing, we had the hotel call us a taxi around 10:15am, got to the port and were on the ship before the shutte from Amerisuites was even there! I would also grab a taxi back to the airport instead of the shuttle(arrivng with many other people at the same time). Enjoy your cruise!!!
  3. seagarsmoker

    seagarsmoker Guest

    We have stayed there a few times and it is a decent place. Excellent location with places to eat and grocery store (to pick up last minute items) one block away. We're staying there again next month before our cruise, so if repeat business means anything, I would recommend it.
  4. W.B.

    W.B. Guest

    Re: amerisuites parking

    Will Amerisuites allow you to leave a car while on a cruise.?
  5. Nanatravel

    Nanatravel Guest

    Amerisuites is clean, convenient and a decent property which includes airport & port transportation and a continental breakfast. You would have to contact the hotel directly about the parking issue. Their parking lot was not very big. Some hotels charge, too. You can bid on priceline for a 2 1/2 star downtown Ft. Lauderdale property. The lowest rate I have seen so far for the beginning of April is $79. Rates change/go down after 4/19.
  6. stargazerm31

    stargazerm31 Guest

    It's okay. Many are thrilled with it, but if I have my choice I stay at the Embassy Suites or the Marriott Marina. If you can get it for $60 or less its a deal. They do have shuttles to the airport and to the pier but it was a zoo going to the pier and we ended up taking a cab.

  7. BP

    BP Guest

    We just stayed there last week. Decent hotel and they allow you to park your car for free in their parking lot . That saved us $120 in parking. They drove us to the pier the morning of the cruise and we took a cab back after the cruise.
    I did not find it a problem taking their shuttle to the pier but we were the only cruise ship leaving that day.
  8. paulfredo

    paulfredo Guest

    We stayed there once and "OK" would be my evaluation. I would sure hate to pay more than $79 for it, but then I've got Marriott Marina or Embassy for $79 or less on priceline, and both of those are much better properites. I don't know if the others let you leave your car in the lot, but it wouldn't hurt to ask them. Both Marriott and Embassy shuttle service is more convenient than Amerisuites, too. I use taxi when staying Amerisuites. But as someone mentioned, that was when there were other ships in port, too.

  9. BP

    BP Guest

    We paid $79 for our room and a light breakfast and saved $120 in parking at the pier.
    Do the math.
    It is not the Breakers but for one night it was fine and very convienent
  10. Emporess

    Emporess Guest

    I used Hotwire for our 4/3/03 stay and got it for $62 a night. Good luck!!
  11. J.E.

    J.E. Guest

    Embassy (10 sw 17th street) will charge $6.00/day to leave the car at their hotel. I have nor checked with the Marriott. Amerisuites (1851 se 10th ave) will not charge you to leave the car, and will take you to the cruise terminal, but will not pick you up after the cruise (they said that it was only two miles away, and a taxi should cost about $5.00). The Doubletree hotel will let you leave the car for $10.00/day. You can park at the cruise parking for $12.00/day.
  12. BP

    BP Guest

    Sorry but we called the Amersuites after our cruise and the van picked us up within fifteen minutesof our call. Would have taken a cab but by the time we got off the ship the line was long.
  13. marjmy

    marjmy Guest

    I have to agree, we called the Amerisuites Hotel as soon as we were off the ship and the were very prompt in coming to pick us up. This was just in April this year.
  14. J.E.

    J.E. Guest

    BP and MARJMY. That is good news. The person I contacted at amerisuites about three week ago said they would not do a pickup. I called a second time about what time they would take us to the cruise terminal, and was told it was on demand. Do you know if that is true, or do they have a specific time for the trip to the terminal? Thanks.
  15. BP

    BP Guest

    They told us at the front desk that the first shuttle would leave the hotel at 11AM. When we went down to the lobby there were about ten people waiting. We managed to get in the first shuttle for the ten minute ride to the pier. When we asked the driver what to do when we came back from the cruise he told us to call the hotel and they would send the shuttle to pick us up. When the cruise ended I called the hotel on my cell phone while we were claiming our luggage and he showed up about five minutes latter.
  16. marjmy

    marjmy Guest

    My story is the same as BP's except when we were ready to go to the port in the morning we just went to the lobby had our breakfast and then said we were ready to go which was about 10:30 and the shutlle came to the front door and we were off. Great set up, we would stay there again in a minute.
  17. KathyC

    KathyC Guest

    We stayed at the Amerisuites about 2 wks ago & found it to be a nice place & a very convenient location. We drove but chose not to leave our car in their parking lot. When we left at about 10:30 that morning, there were a number of people with lots of luggage waiting for the shuttle.
  18. mjoice

    mjoice Guest

    I would recommend staying at the Holiday Inn Express. Its literally an eyeball view from the port and the hotel will pick you up from the airport and take you to the port free of charge. It cost me $69 USD and I had a great room.

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