Amtrak Update JUN 2007



Business class Cars have been removed from service for overhaul -no fixed date for return

and if you're traveling North on Sunday the 24th of JUN around 10:30 AM
watc for these..ahh this ::eek:

Bare bums on the line
 Staff Reporter Kate Webb
A pantless horde plans to moon the Amtrak passenger train near Crescent Beach on Sunday to protest the shipment of toxic chemicals along the mudslide-prone track.

“It just seems to be a cheeky way to protest,†said Don Pitcairn, president of Surrey’s United Naturalists. “You know the media saying ‘If it bleeds it leads’? Well, we have a news saying of our own: ‘If it’s nude, it’s news.’â€Â

Forty-five SUN members plan to bare their cheeks in conjunction with a celebration of the summer solstice, commencing with the mass mooning at 10:30 a.m. The nudists are fed up with shipments of hazardous materials by Burlington Northern Santa Fe along the rail line, an operation that continues even when passenger trains are banned due to the high risk of winter mudslides.

“When . . . the Pineapple Express comes by, you can set your watch by those slides,†said Pitcairn. There were 11 slides last winter alone.

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