An Alaska Cruise, Three Ways: In Luxury, On a Big Ship or An Expedition


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By John Roberts

I’ve always said that the best way to experience Alaska is on a cruise. “The Last Frontier” is surrounded by amazing waterways that define the way of life for its residents. These waters have always been vital as the region carved out its identity from pioneering and mining beginnings to its modern place as a hub of commercial fishing and tourism. - Read More
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I think smaller is better also. The much bigger ships of today do not get into the Inside passage much at all. Especially if leaving from Seattle. VAncouver gives you a better chance of seeing things along the inside of Vancouver Island.
Even better would be a trip to the North on a BC Ferry during daylight hours in the summer. Alaska State Ferry Service goes even further. A BC Ferry out of Port Hardy ends in Prince Rupert but you can go further North on the Alaska State Service out of Bellingham Wa., either from Bellingham or hooking up in Prince Rupert. These service although not up to a Main Stream cruise ship certainly get you into the Inside Passage and some smaller ports Villages.