An interesting 24 hours



Lots to tell. It started last night after daddy started snoring. He woke up in some pain and by 1:30 was on his way to the ER. I stayed behind with the phone on, waiting to see where I would be Childrens with Elliott, the ER with Dan or work. I managed about an hour sleep all night. Dan made it home just about time for me to get ready to work. He had a kidney stone. So he is feeling better today but still sore.

Now the very GOOD news. Our son will probably be going back to school with his class next month. A very unexpected development. He is doing very well for what he has endured. Physically he needs work but he is very tough to motivate. We are doing better but not good enough. School will be the best place for daily activity not to mention human interaction. If you know Elliott, he is not too thrilled at the moment but once he goes back, he will indeed enjoy it. Children's say send him back and we wait on his oncologists ok as well. He will be missing some days as he will need constant check ups for a while and some very intense testing at the year mark from what I understand but he is way ahead of the timetable we orginally received. His platelets went down a touch but nothing to worry about. He has been taken off the steroids completely and basically is just on two antibiotics(one may be leaving this week) and an antacid. His hair looks real nice now and a beard and sideburns are tying to come back. This time I think it is real hair. I sit here in disbelief that we may indeed be getting our son back. I am full of emotions today and know I should sleep like a rock. I sure hope so. I am a tired mommy. Thanks for stopping in to share our lives again. Keep both boys in your prayers. One to get better and one to stay that way.

Love from our home to yours :)


Glad to hear you are getting some good news & I think getting back into the routine of school will indeed be good for him.


Cindy - Glad to hear that Elliot is doing so well and agree that school will be the best thing for him. Keeping things as normal as humanly possible is really important and he will enjoy being back with his friends.

=hug to Dan - kidney stones are the worst. Hope he is doing much better.




Hope Dan is feeliing better and I agree that the best thing for Elliott would be to return to school. What a MILESTONE for all of you! (tu)(tu)


It sure is going to be wonderful to hear the stories of Elliott back at school with his mates again...even with all the moaning that comes from a teen who has to get up early and do homework :grin ! I know it will all be music to your ears Cindy!

Hope Dan is feeling better soonest!

Donna - dsw

So glad to hear he is making progress - - as you know one baby step at a time.

Hang in there girl!


I'm thrilled to hear that Elliott is returning to school... that is a major milestone!

Prayers continue to both of your guys, Cindy... and hugs to you, too.

H2O babe

I am sorry I didn't get to this forum sooner, but nonetheless, my heartfelt congratuations on some very good news. Know that many cruise addicts are rejoicing with you and your family. And sincere get well wishes for hubby with that kidney stone. I hope he never has to endure another one. Hugs to Elliott and may each day be better than the one before it!