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An Open Letter to Past Members

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by John, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Pat, nice to see you, and congratulations on the cruise.
    Belated happy Anniversary.... I think it was may 2nd?
  2. Cruisinpat

    Cruisinpat Guest

    Why thank you, Red. Yes, my anniversary was May 2nd (39 years) and I have a birthday coming up at the end of the month -- I LOVE May! ...............................Pat
  3. marclaw

    marclaw Guest

    I have missed posting but my life has taken some turns in the past 2 months that have kept me away from the board and have caused mr to cancel all upcoming booked cruises. I will check in when possibe ansd hope to get back to the boards but cruising may not be inthe card for a bit. It is just not set up for singles.
  4. Calgon1

    Calgon1 Guest

    Yeah. It was almost a year ago. May 30th, 2008 ....
  5. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Today (May 25) marks one year since the last time I saw him.
  6. kitten

    kitten Guest

    Lisa, my heart really goes out to you at this time. When I read about Hucc's passing I didn't know how to react, and then before I knew it Litta was gone also. I was kinda numb for days. I never had the pleasure of meeting Hucc in person, but we did share some wonderful e-mails. He's such a wonderful, loving, caring person, and I say that in the "present-tense" because I know his "spirit" is still with us. I did for Hucc & Litta what Judy (our Judy in Denver) suggested I do for when my mum passed away, I went to the Hallmark store and bought a candle for the both of them and when I read of their passing, I lit it, said a prayer and let it remained lit thru out the day. It was the only tribute that I knew that I could do to pay tribute to 2 wonderful people who will be greatly missed. Hang in there Lisa, as my thoughts & prayers will be with you on Hucc's day of passing.
  7. kruznut

    kruznut Guest

    I've been away from this board for some time now and I want to say hello to everyone. DH has undergone two hip replacement surgeries and has fully recovered now. So, a big Wooooooo Hooooooo X( X( we can start cruising again !
  8. Nessie

    Nessie Guest

    Hello all! Just wanted to say hello and let you know I am still around. :wave many reasons why I havent been active here,and I do miss most of you guys.:D It is good to see familiar names.

    I will pop in from time to time to see what is a happening :)
  9. jetakai

    jetakai Guest

    --pokes her head in the door and sees she has a private email from 14 months ago-- Hi Calgon!

    Speaking of rainbows--has anyone heard from Mariposa recently? I have not received anything since she last said she had been diagnosed terminal.
  10. seamom

    seamom Guest

    Jetakai....go to the forum called "the Safe Harbour" for news of Mariposa, our amazing butterfly. She is busy travelling and having family visit her and doing precious craft gifts and more for her family. Read and be inspired by this courageous and loving woman! Haven't heard for a week or more but standing by for her latest entry.
  11. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    It's good to see you, jetakai! How have you been?
  12. Mr. Utley

    Mr. Utley Guest

    Greetings to all
  13. jetakai

    jetakai Guest

    I am doing good. Getting ahead of the ball. :)::eek:
  14. joebat1

    joebat1 Guest

    I have been kinda' MIA lately, but I shall endeavor to post more instead of just lurking ~~!!~~
  15. Beckiep

    Beckiep Guest

    Oh my! It's been a long time!
    I was poking on Facebook and as some of you know, they "suggest" people you may know. For some reason, (I have no idea why), they suggested Rick Green. So, I did some poking on Rick's profile (though most was hidden because I'm not on his friend list. Smart move, Rick.) and found other addicts. I sent a few friend requests, but decided to come and check in here.

    We have no cruises planned and won't for at least another year. We have a new addition! Gretchen Elizabeth Perreault was born in Aug., 2 1/2 mos. early and weighing 2 lbs. 3 oz. She spent 4 mos. in NICU and came home just before Christmas. She's 9 1/2 mos old now and doing very well! Small, but mighty. My photos are too big to attach, but there are tons on my FB profile.

    Gretchen does have a lung disease and travel by plane or ship (or really any place there may be crowds) is not recommended until she's at least 2 yrs. old. Beyond that, I REALLY don't want to be traveling with diapers.

    But we still poke the travel sites, read Cruise Travel, etc. It's nice to dream.
  16. CruiserSara

    CruiserSara Guest

    Hi John,
    Thanks for the message! I just so happened to peek in for a visit today and this was the first post I saw. Then looking at the responces seeing all my old cruise friends still here. Hope everyone is doing well and healthy! James and I are keeping busy with work and kids, and cruising has taken a back seat for now. But not for long! We are hoping to introduce them to the addiction once they are both a little older.
    Miss you guys!

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