An update



As if we don't have enough going on with us, my computer died Sun nite & son just now got me back up & running. Mike was sooo nervous on Mon but so far things have gone very well. Mon was an entire day & Tues was a half day. He is so pumped full of meds to combat vomiting/nausea that so far he has had no problems. Today was the 1st of 10 daily shots in the stomach & that also went well. Yesterday they started him on 100mg of prednisone a day for 5 days. After not being able to eat for nearly a month & with these meds he is about to eat the legs off the kitchen table!! I spend ALL of my time fixing him something to eat but it sure beats not eating at all. After wks of that horrible cough, the $200 bottle of cough syrup the dr prescribed has finally done the trick; today is the 1st day in wks he hasn't coughed. Once he started eating some food last wk he started feeling a little better although still extremely weak & fatigued. Since we learned Fri that he will not be able to return to work we are filing paperwork for disability & I'm getting his uniforms all cleaned & gear collected to turn in. One of the hardest things right now is that he can't have our only grandbaby on his lap anymore; dr says kids carry too many germs so no cuddling, kissing of the little one & for an almost 2 yr old to suddenly not be able to climb up on papa's lap & snuggle anymore is a little confusing but we will deal with it.

Glad to have my computer back!


What a good news story! So good to read that things are turning around for you both.



Wondered why we hadn't heard from you. So thankful it was your computer! Sounds like Mike is going to cope well with all the meds and procedures. If only he could have those huggies... he will, just not right now. So you give him lots of huggies to go with the lots of food he's devouring... and keep him away from table legs! Here's some huggies from me! ((((Mike & Kathy))))


Oh Kathy, I'm SOOO happy that Mike is responding well to the chemo. I never did throw up throughout my entire first chemo sessions nor with this one. Just a little nausea now and again plus some stomach issues (mostly constipation, and belching) Modern side effect meds are fabulous at doing their job. I eat like a horse, but right now Pepsi burns my mouth and spicy food is the pits. (my mouth is very sensitive due to the chemo destroying the lining in the mouth and stomach. I chug a lug peppermint tea by the gallons, and rely on foods that I prepare ahead of time and freeze, that helps Give me a Stouffers mac and cheese or a Whopper any time of the day) Is Mike sleeping? That's my biggest issue for about 3 days following chemo. I take lots of naps during that period and get lots done in the evenings.

My friend who just finished up her chemo has a daughter living in the group home where I work and she didn't come see her for that entire time due to possible contagous diseases. This was worse for her than loosing her hair!!! I started loosing mine about the 3rd week of treatment. If Mike can at least see his grand daughter that will be great.

good luck with the disability process. Won't be the same income as you guys are used to but be sure to contact the American Cancer Society, they may have some agencies for you to contact for help. they are a great resource, as was the Oncology Social worker at my hospital, Make an appointment with them ASAP. She is the one who got me hooked up with MediCal, the Calif state health insurance that has picked up absolutely every penny of all my treatments, surgeries, and medications since the beginning. That is the one single blessing that I would be in total despair without.

OK, now take some time to write LOTS of blessings in that journal. And You be sure to get your rest. I't's OK if Mike stays up alone watching videos or movies until he gets sleepy. I watch lots of the news stations lately.

Hugs, Mariposa


I almost forgot. If you haven't seen a good nutritionist yet since the cancer diagnosis be sure to get a referral from your doctor. Balancing what Mike can and can't eat due to the Chrons is bad enough, but now the cancer issues throw a monkey wrench into the mix. It was surprising which food supplements and vitamins I was told to stop taking because they might interfere with the immune depressing chemo drugs I was taking. And there are some very beneficial foods that you should include in his diet. AntiOxident foods are not all beneficial it seems. I have huge lists of do's and don'ts posted on my fridge. I was also told to use veggie wash on absolutely all fruits and veggies I eat, even those that I peel. Another cardinal rule, eat NO COOKED FOODS that have been in your refrigerator over 3 days. That's why I freeze any leftovers into smaller packages. I always eat fresh blueberries, strawberries, almonds and salmon whenever possible. Lots less beef and dairy products. Not sure if the Chrons limits those choices for you.

Hugs, Mariposa

H2O babe

It is good to hear that Mike (thanks for PMing me!) is feeling like he's hungry. I'm sure it eases your mind to at least know that he's getting some nutrition. You both remain in my prayers.



Kathy - your update is very encouraging. I'm happy Mike is eating again - with 100mg of Pred, I can understand where he might be famished!!!

You both continue in my prayers. I hope the news will be better and better as the days and weeks progress.



Kathy, glad things are going as good as they are & that Mike is eating. It amazes me what modern medicine can do. I how he gets back some of his strenght soon. It's too bad that he can't have any baby hugs for awhile but will be able to again before long.
Now you get some rest & take care of you.


[size=medium]Welcome to the world of steriods. And germs. And all this stuff. It is not always easy but you will always find a way. Good luck![/size]


Hi Kathy,

I wanted to add that while your grandbaby won't understand right now why papa can't cuddle, they will certainly understand when papa is here to dance on their wedding day! Do you best to just say something along the lines of papa isn't feeling well or has an ouchy and hopefully that will work better and the little one won't feel so let down.

Continued good thoughts for everyone involved!



Kathy, I know you and DH have been going "one step at a time" for a very long time and they have been teeny steps, and unfortunately, some steps back too. His appetite is a HUGE STEP FORWARD. May every step you take from now on be bigger than the last one. =cheerleader Continued prayers to your family.

Donna - dsw

Kathy - been in and out - but you were in my thoughts and prayers. Hope things are going on the up side finally. Take care!