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That's Meghan standing next to our Christmas tree that she (and PopPop and her Mom) decorated.

After the tree was finished, we picked up one of Meghan's Friends and took the three of them to an early dinner, after which Colleen treated all of us to an excellent production of, "A Christmas Carol" at Princeton University's McCarter Theatre.

It was another wonderful special weekend, and I hope they continue forever!!!!


Nice day! Sounds like nice traditions to do year after year. Those kinds of things build great memories for all.

We did the same thing yesterday. We have an older artificial tree, and it takes sooo long to put up, because each branch hooks into the center pole, they aren't on hinges like the newer trees. But it's nice and my daughter loves it! So, it took us a long time to put it all together, but it turned out nicely. Actually, I didn't have to do much! My DD is so excited about Christmas this year that she put the tree up, put on the lights, decorated the tree (it's all her!), and ran around decorating the house! I did the clean up! LOL!

There was a nice old fashioned Santa on the tree top, but that fell off when Kiefer (seen sleeping, about 5 minutes ago) was wrestling with Kitten under the tree last night.

And it was immediately taken over by the two commandos in the house! Kitten is the big grey one, Jake is the reddish guy.



Thanks all for the share of Christmas trees. I think you have a great tradition going Judi going to dinner and show with Meghan and friend. We were lucky enough to make one Radio City Rockettes show in Branson with our full family and so wish we could do it again.

connie seabee

Judi, The tree looks great, but your grandaughter is the true beauty.

Glo, your tree also looks very pretty and so are those two furbabies.