Another chapter in our medical soap opera



DH was off to the hosipital early this a.m. for the big scan of his entire chest, abdomen & pelvis; insurance did not want to approve it until our oncologist spoke directly to a dr from the insurance co. Have waited 2 mo for this after the biopsy of the mass in his abdomen came back "undiagnosable" as to cancer/no cancer. Since then we have learned that there was no diagnosis because of difficulty in reaching the mass they did not get enough tissue. Saw the dr last wk for the 1st time since the biopsy (previous conversations have been with the nurse); I asked him to show us exactly where this mass is (approx 2 inches in late Oct) & he showed us that the mass is in the lymph nodes in the intestines. He explained that cancer starts in the lymph nodes but considering the other areas (spine & lungs) that also look like cancer but have proved so far not to be cancer there is no way of knowing from that biopsy what we are dealing with. All blood work continues to look good however, DH has lost almost 20 lbs over the last month so that is a tremendous worry right now. Dr said it is possible that this is due to stress (gave him a mild tranq & something for nausea) so we will watch this weight loss closely to see what happens after we get thru the scan. Don't know what to expect from this scan; the way things have been going for us it will probably be more questions than answers--guess the best to hope for is that it has not grown just like the other areas have not changed since their discovery last yr. I am hoping that this in the intestines is somehow related to the severe Crohn's but without actually taking this mass out thru surgery & testing it I don't know how they will tell us anything for sure. Usually takes about 4 days for nurse to call us with results but when it is bad news we have received calls within 24hrs--so now we WAIT & when the phone rings & caller ID shows it is the dr my heart usually skips a beat before I actually answer. Will keep you updated.


Waiting is always the hardest part. With answers you can deal with whatever it is, but without answers you are powerless. Prayers that this IS non-cancerous, and that they can find out what the heck is going on with your hubby.


Prayers continue that this mystery mass is non-cancerous. It is sooooo difficult to be left in the lurch. :(


Sending prayers and best wishes go out to you for good reports and strength to deal with what ever. Hugs Maw