Another @ddict in the Hospital and Needs our Prayers


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I opened up @ddicts this morning to this PM

korinalacount said:
can you let everyone know john is in the hospital,I just got home at 4 am and will be leaving for hospital again in 4 hours,they wouldnt let me stay any longer as he has 3 other people in his room,he was having bad chest pains and said we need to go to the doctor,I got him there they took him back his bp was 188/101 but within a half hour it was 136/80 and stayed that way till 2am till they took him to his room then it went back up to 188/101 again,the blood tests came back fine,the x-rays,no heart attack but he has a irregular heartbeart,the cardiologist will see him at 7 am he is hooked up to every %(# #!&#$ thing imaginable,they might put him to sleep and shock his heart to get correct sinus rythum back or check to see if he needs blood thinners,cant remember the rest,so tired,I have been hacking all day on this new blood pressure med which I am going to have them change tomorrow,its like having a asthma attack all day,the nurse almost admitted me,I was hacking all over everyone,anyway got to go and catch 2 hours of zs,one son is here with me in guest room and other 2 kids will be here at 7 am,need a little shut eye. Korina
This is just getting out of hand...Barry's passing, JohnNJ's situation, another cruise friend lost her husband a few weeks ago VERY unexpectedly, our losses of both Connie’s this past summer and now Korina's John. Plus they've been through so much already. So, please keep John and Korina in your prayers. With the stress they’ve been under lately I guess it was bound to happen…..but it really sucks.


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Oh my goodness, I certainly hope and pray this is nothing more than stress due to his job situation. I know the poor guy must worry so much and has tried so hard to get a job. I will look here for better news this afternoon when I get home. (((HUGS))) to both John and Korina and I hope they are both back home and resting by the end of the day. :sunny:


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oh know how awful. I hope his tests continue to come back ok & they get everything straightened out. Stress can do alot of things to the body.
Prayers & good thoughts are on the way to both John & Korina.

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How awful for Korina and John. They have been through so much the last few months -- and now this.

Prayers for both them that all will be well.


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I'm sorry to read this about John. Sending good thoughts his way! Hang in there Korina.......I'm sure he is going to be fine. That's great that the kids are there, I know that helps.

Denise, thanks for the news. But, you are right........ENOUGH! For At least 2 weeks now, it's been nothing but BAD NEWS!


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So sorry to hear of this turn of events for 2 people who have been thru so much; another bump in the road that they just don't need right now. Hope it is nothing serious & they can get the BP under control. And this certainly isn't going to help Korina's BP. Positive thoughts that he will be well & back home with Korina soon.


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Oh, no....I am joining you all in sending GOOD THOUGHTS to John that it is nothing too serious and of course to Korina also. Keeping my fingers crossed that the next "update" is good news.


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So sorry to read this. I hope it is nothing serious. They have been thru so much and don't need this added.

Denise, you are right, it has been very rough on so many of our addict friends. I


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OMG these poor people have been through enough already! Hugs and prayers for Korina and John - hopefully it's just a bump in the road - when they get some good news all will be good for them finally!!

Get well John!!

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so sorry to hear this.. hopefully the hospital stay will correct whatever it is that John is suffering from.... our thoughts are with Korina & John..


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News not great,he has kidney damage,maybe diabetes and hbp and they still dont know what to do for the irregular heart beat,his bp is going up again,166 and he is in a lot of pain,cardiologist said he had to weigh what was the best options for John,he sent us home as there is no room in Johns room of 4,he is in memorial Hospital room 4536 if anyone wants to call him,general number 1-719-365-5000,under John LaCount.

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So sorry to hear about this bump in the road - listen to the doctors - they know best - - rest is the best healer too.

Take care and pm or post if you need to vent or chat!


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Oh Korina...I cannot tell you how sorry I am to read all this. Poor John! I will keep him in my prayers and hope that the next report is much better. Perhaps his body is just screaming "Enough already!" A warning that should be heeded. Perhaps a good going over by physicians and a little enforced rest is exactly what's needed!

Hugs to you girl! Don't forget that you need to take care of you too!!!


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SunFlower has been following this through FaceBook messages. You know our hearts go out to you. Hoping and praying that this too will pass. Not going to call as figure that's the last thng he needs right now. Better he should get some rewst and lessen the stress to his systems ... Prayers continue.