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In the 1950s sitcom, Leave It To Beaver, Barbara Billingsley played the role of June Cleaver, who was the mother every kid of the 50s dreamed of having. Barbara Billingsley died at the age of ninety-four, but she still remained for many fans of the older sitcoms, the dream mother.

June Cleaver was able to do everything that real life mothers never had the time or opportunity to do. June Cleaver was that standard of excellence in the maternal world that many viewers long for in their real life. In fact, many younger viewers might have felt their real life mothers could take a few lessons from June Cleaver.

June Cleaver was always dressed for company even when cleaning around the house. Her trade mark was her pearl necklace that was constantly seen worn around her neck. She was the mother that as a child you would not be ashamed to bring your friends home to meet after school. Plus, June Cleaver never seemed to run out of patience where her children were concerned.

However, June Cleaver was never seen raising a hand to neither one of her children even though this was an era when corporal punishment ran rampant throughout the country. The only thing June Cleaver ever did in regard to her children was her trademark expression, “Ward, I’m worried about the Beav.”

In October of 1957, Leave It To Beaver originally premiered and ran through September of 1963. Amazingly, it ended its run only two months prior to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

With the passing of the legendary Barbara Billingsley comes the death of the dream mother in regards to the viewer’s vision.
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Yes, that was a shame. In one week we lost one of America's favorite moms. The following week one of America's favorite dads....Howard Cunningham. :(


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Loved June. She was the mom I always wanted! :whistle:

Loved Donna Reed too. I could never figure out why my mom didn't wear a dress and high heels when she vacuumed the house!


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Can you identify the LAPD officer on the left?

Retired in 1988, after 18 years on the force and having been shot three times.
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