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Another Pessimistic Elliott Update (3-28-10)


Forever Remembered
From Cindy's Journal.

Let's please continue to keep Elliott, Cindy and Dan in our prayers. The update speaks for itself.

Sunday, March 28, 2010 4:35 PM, CDT

Came home to a shattered lamp, just like my heart is. I know I am practcally numb to be so calm. Elliott is doing very poorly indeed. The liver has taken a nose dive,the blood counts are refusing to improve despite help, the breathing tube will not be coming out for a while, there is quite a bit of fluid inside him although he is peeing. There is blood in the urine, etc etc..
NOTHING is ok with him and although they have him sedated, he does kinds wake up. He has shaken his head yes when I asked him if he wanted pain meds and his vicks and also asked him if he knew I loved him and it was yes again. I am not sure how I endured the last three days watching him in the shape he is in and hearing all the stats and the fact the best in the world are stumped. I had a long talk today with one of his doctors, one that we have had for a few years since the transplant and she agreed with me that we can't keep going this way. They will keep trying but time is not our friend. I suspect in the next few days we will be making some extremely difficult decisions, one a parent should never have to make.


Awaiting results of mental evaluation
Just as most of my fellow C@s, my heart is breaking here ...

Cindy, Dan; and especially you Elliott, we love you and you are definately in our prayers.


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I am so very very sorry to hear this. You are right, parents should not have to watch their children endure so much pain. Please don't give up hope. Your cruise addict family is praying and wishing for better days ahead.


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I have been out all late afternoon and evening and am just reading this....how sad it makes me! My prayers continue for Elliott and for Cindy and Dan. May the dear Lord lend them all the strength and courage they need.


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Heartbreaking to read - hope that Elliot shows some signs of improvement today. My thoughts and prayers continue for them.



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Just got around to reading this and I have tears running down my face...it was my very precious GS's lst birthday yesterday and as we were celebrating, Cindy and Dan had to endure this.....prayers continue for them all, and may God's will be done.


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Very sorry to read this. Sure was hoping for more positive news. I do hope things turn around for you all very, very soon.