Another Pet crosses Rainbow Bridge


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I was notified this morning that Sage's Lab, Hershel, lost his battle with bone cancer this morning and, by now, has crossed over Rainbow Bridge. You've done Hershel a kindness, as you well know.

My condolences to you and your family, Bev.

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Rest in peace Herschel... at least now he can run and chase squirrels and stuff again without being in pain now that he's crossed the rainbow.


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Oh this just makes me cry! Sage I am so sorry for your loss....those furbabies are such a huge part of our family and when the time comes to say goodbye it leaves an enormous hole. I know that you will miss Hershel forever but as time passes I hope that your memories of him will all be happy, tail wagging ones! Hugs to you!


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Sage, opn one hand we are so sad to hear this distressing news. But, on the other, as Mama Duck said, it was a kindness for him to go. RIP Hershel. God Bless you.


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Hershel, I never met you, but you brought some happiness to me with your romps in the back yard. Thank you.


(Again, Bev, I'm so sorry.)


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I'm so sorry to hear this. I agree with everyone regardless of how hard it is we all know in our hearts that when we let one of our loved furbabies go over the bridge that we are doing what's best for them. Hugs from here.


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Thank you everyone for your most comforting words, and a special thank you to Mary Ann and Pucci for posting this thread. If you will indulge me for a moment, I would like to tell you about our experience with Hershel and maybe give some hope to those who are in similar situations one day. We found a bump on Hershel's gum one day above his cainine tooth. We took him to the Vet, and they thought it was an abcess, but it turned out to be bone cancer. The Vet said it was a very aggressive form and gave him three months and said that there was really nothing to do, as chemo and radiation would only give him an additional month. The standard treatment was amputation, but it is hard to cut away his jaw. So with our wonderful Vet's help, we devised a hospice program for Hershel. She put him on a combination of antibiotics, steroids to help reduce the tumor and give him an appetite, which was later replaced with a Chinese herb that had the same appetite enhancements without the side effects of the steroids, and of course pain pills. After a while, when the pain pills seemed less effective, she perscribed a seizure medication called Gavapentin, which kept his pain receptors inactive. Now it was our turn. Hershel had two passions in life, playing ball and going for car rides. Playing ball was out, so my DH sat out to take Hershel on a car ride three times a day. We gave him his favorite foods and just loved him. The Vet was amazed, and she called him her miracle dog. Hershel who was given three months was able to live a good quality of life for almost 11 months.

I greatly miss my constant companion, but I appreciate the time that I had with him in my life. I appreciate more than I can express your kinds words, and I urge you to just love your furbabies. Thank you.


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So sorry for your loss, it sounds like he had a wonderful life with you. It breaks our hearts to let them go, but know we are doing the best thing for them.


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It is so devastating to lose a precious furbaby. You and DH gave Hershel 8 more months of satisfactory life beyond what was predicted - for that, you must be grateful. As you know, there were lots of @ddicts furbabies to welcome Hershel, and he was reunited with his "sister", Sage.

God bless. Give Chloe and Harley even more hugs these days.


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I'm so sorry for your loss! I have a feeling Hershel has met my Smokey, Mary Ann's Topaz, and countless other @ddict furbabies and they're having as much fun playing as we have with our @ddict buddies. Losing one is never an easy experience.

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I am so sorry for your loss Bev, but grateful you "got extra time".. it's never long enough , my heart aches for you..but take Joy in his love, and memories...hugs Joanne


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Thank you Sage for sharing Hershel's story. Taking on a furbaby is kind of like taking wedding vows...for better or for worse, in sickness and in health...and all that! This is the part of your story that touched my heart....

We...."just loved him".


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Sage - what a great ending you gave to Hershel, such caring given to him in his time of need. I know, from having a dog that Loved to ride in the truck, what it meant to Hershel to be able to do so. Thank you for sharing his caring with us.


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Bev, I'm so sorry.

I know how difficult this time is for you. Thank you for sharing your story about Hershel, such a wonderful companion. I love that he was taken for three car rides a will be blessed for your kindness.



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Bev I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My deepesty sympathy to you all as I know how hard this is. I still miss my Buckey so much. What a blessing that you did get that extra time with him. He has a lot of good company at Rainbow Bridge.


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I am just seeing this and am sorry for your loss of Hershel. Having lost a furbaby myself recently I know how deep the pain can be. You did an amazing job giving Hershel all those extra months. I am sure Hershel enjoyed the time with you and the rides in the car and now has fun romping over the rainbow bridge with all of our beloved furbabies.