Another sad blow for the site


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red asked me to post this for her, it is not the type of news that any of us want to share with the community.

On March 2, While on A South America cruise on the Celebrity Infinity
Peg Johnson aka "Simba" was taken ill on board and taken to a hospital in the port of Puerto Madryn, where she died.
Peg had been battling different cancers for years. She was a brave soul and lived her life to the fullest.

The Funeral was this morning at The Holy Family Church in Jacksonville Florida.

Peg and Bill went on a few of the Group Cruises and had many close friends on this board and her sense of humour will be sadly missed. View attachment 1305

View attachment 1305

She has put on invisibility.
Dear Lord, I cannot see--
But this I know, although the road ascends
And passes from my sight,
That there will be no night;
That You will take her gently by the hand
And lead her on
Along the road of life that never ends,
And she will find it is not death but dawn.
I do not doubt that You are there as here,
And you will hold her dear.

The delay in informing the community of this tragic event, is because of the problems involved with this happening in a foreign country, I expect you can imagine the paperwork and delays that Bill, has dealt with during this month.


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Hi Carole, It is so sad to hear this news. April and I remember cruising with Peg and Bill, who were a joy to be with. Please accept our condolences.


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Oh no! Fla Jack and Honey must be beside themselves! Bill and Peg were VERY close to Fla Jack and Honey. They were a GREAT couple and a LOT of fun. Bread and I were always looking for another oppotunity to cruise with them. My sincerest condolences to Bill, other family members and their friends.


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Carole...thank you and red for letting us know this very sad news. My deepest condolences to Peg's family and friends at this saddest of times.



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I am sorry to hear this news. I remember meeting her on one of the the group cruises and she was so nice. May she rest in peace.


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Sorry for your loss. After battling cancer, she is now free of all pain. My deepest sympathy to all her family & friends.


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What heart breaking news to lose another member of our community. We too had the pleasure of meeting Peg and Bill on a group cruise. My thoughts and prayers are with Bill and his family for their loss...and Jack and Honey too as I know Peg and Bill were good friends of theirs. Rest in Peace Peg after your long and valiant battle.
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I only met Peg and Bill possibly 4 or 5 times, but I felt so comfortable with her from the start. I loved spending time with her and Bill and I hoped I would see Peg again.

Its strange in life that someone who you dont know that well can creep into your heart so quickly like she did.

She was a brave soul who fought hard to live and I will miss her and I will never forget her


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This is such sad news. Peg was such a nice funny person. My condolences to her family and friends. I imagine Jack and Honey are heartsick.


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So sorry to hear of this. I don't believe I ever met Peg in personally, (have only participated in one "Groupies Cruise), but believe I do remember some of her postings. She will, indeed, be missed. May God Bless her and keep her soul safe ....

Bill, any support we can provide is yours for the asking.

We (C@s) have lost way too many this year ...
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OMG. I remember Peg very well. It's hard to believe she's gone. Way too young.

My sympathy goes out to all her people.


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Oh how sad, I too meet Peg on a group cruise I can remember how funny she was.
Hugs & prayers for all her family & friends.