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Another sad blow for the site

Discussion in 'The Safe Harbor' started by CaroleH, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. Krazy Kruizers

    Krazy Kruizers Holland America Specialist

    So sorry to hear this.
  2. Cruise cutie

    Cruise cutie Well-Known Member

    we were on a couple of cruises with Peg and Bill...sweet folks with a knack for funny stories to share..may she rest in Peace and condolences for all their families..Cancer is so nasty....and so it goes....another kind soul gone way too early...sigh..Joanne and Mark
  3. maw

    maw Wordsmith

    We also cruised with Bill and Peg on several cruises. Know they will bemissed especially by Jack and Honey. Sending my sympathy.
  4. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Well-Known Member

    Sigh, so sorry to hear this news.
  5. connie seabee

    connie seabee Well-Known Member Community Sponsor

    So sorry to hear this. My condolences to the family.
  6. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    Peg with a dear and loving friend to all ... she will be dearly miss
  7. Happy2cu

    Happy2cu Well-Known Member

    Just read this today. I remember meeting Peg and Bill on one of the group cruises. Very sad news.

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