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Any advice for "reserved" chairs #@!@#@$#

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Sophie, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    I have heard this before, and when i cruised on the celebration several years ago, alot of people would put towels in chairs, "reserve" the lounge chair by the pool, although carnival clearly states its not allowed. any ideas on how to handle an EMPTY "reserved" chair if you need/want that space????

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  2. ctmak

    ctmak Guest

    Re: And advice for "reserved" chairs @ pool


    See my posting (#17 on the thread) for "Cruising on the Inspiration."

  3. kujobie

    kujobie Guest

    Re: And advice for "reserved" chairs @ pool

    Get out there early and get the chair you want.
  4. diverdiver

    diverdiver Guest

    Re: And advice for "reserved" chairs @ pool

    I think the "rule of thumb" is that if the chair sits empty for more than 30 minutes, you can notify a deck steward, or just remove the towel and take the chair. This is why we eat lunch in "shifts"...always leave some of our group to watch our chairs while we eat. Ane yes....we get up very early to get our chairs.
  5. bklynfrat

    bklynfrat Guest

    Re: And advice for "reserved" chairs @ pool

    If you bring a book and a pair of cheap sandals and don't mind if they get taken then this is the best way to reserve a chair with out breaking any rules because you give the a impression that you only set away for a minute or two. It has worked on the past four cruise that i have been on. no problems it works all the time.
  6. diverdiver

    diverdiver Guest

    Re: And advice for "reserved" chairs @ pool

    I actually try to follow the 30-minute "rule". I've often given up my chair to the closest person who was sharing a chair with another person if I knew I'd be gone for awhile. I usually try to make a "deal" with them: "I'll be gone for two hours, and you can use my chair. Would it be OK with you if you gave me back my chair when I get back?" Being polite and sharing has always worked for me. Learned that in Kdg. Oh - I forgot the part where I offered to buy them a drink upon my return. Didn't learn that in Kdg.
  7. mike-suz

    mike-suz Guest

    Re: And advice for "reserved" chairs @ pool

    Come on Sophie ! ! ! ! !
    You already know the answer to this question ! ! !
    The tops optional deck :)
    Lots of available lounges up there!

  8. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    Re: And advice for "reserved" chairs @ pool

    mike suz yall re just RENEGADES!!!! lol but good point all the same :) guess if i go on that booze cruz i sure as hell wont care who stares, gawks, or whatever!
  9. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Ok Im gonna get some eggs thrown at me fer sure!

    Take the whole dam chair with ya. Easy, just act like there ain't nothing goin' on and you own the joint. there! done! :lol:lol:lol
  10. Kensterfly

    Kensterfly Guest

    Sounds like some of you folks camp out all day around the pool. It hardly seems fair to everyone else to hog the chairs all day. I certainly wouldn't expect someone to "hold" my chair for me while I took a two hour break. Putting a book down to give the impression that you'll be right back, when in fact you know you'll be gone for quite a while is asking for you to find your book or towel or whatever, tossed aside.
  11. Raven

    Raven Guest

    If I find a lounge that has just had a towel sitting on it for a full 1/2 hour, the towel goes flying and it's now my spot. Only once have I had someone come up and say anything. My response was "towel? what towel?".
  12. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    Last year there were about 15 of us in a group and finding enough chairs was impossible, so we all ended up sharing.This super nice lady next to us gave us one of their chairs and they doubled up on one. I thought that was so cool. I think saving chairs when you are going to be gone for a long time is pretty crappy personally, unless its a trip to the bar, bathroom or a dunk in the pool don't save it.
  13. ditto...
    i also detest the carnival way of dispersing towels personally...if you forget to return it you pay 22$
    on royal caribbean they simply kept tons of towels available..
    as for the saving a chair thing...its not right imho
    if i saw a chair with a towel on it...after 30 mins it was mine.
    we sat at a table and watched three chairs side by side for two hrs...noone showed up.
    so keep in mind you may end up losing a towel and paying for it.
    that is....if they have this method of towel control on all ships
  14. turkeyman

    turkeyman Guest

    Why does everyone seem to want to get as close to the pool as possible? There's no magical powers in the water. It's just sea water.
  15. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    i wasnt asking about reserving a chair for my use......i was asking what was the best way to handle the situation when obviously several chairs were being "reseved" AND I WANTED ONE!!! lol and Ken, you are skating on thin ice, i suggest you act right!! :)

    the 30 min rule seems very fair and reasonable to me. thanks all!
  16. Sea Turtle

    Sea Turtle Guest

    I have never failed to find a deck chair. And, no I do not get up at the crack of dawn to stake claim on a chair nor have I ever had to move anyone’s belongings in order to secure a chair for myself. So I can’t help you Sophie with what to do if there is not a single deck chair available. If I’m leaving my chair for a longer period of time than to go to the facilities and/or to the bar when the waiter is nowhere in sight, I pack up and leave the chair empty.

    And, as for the ‘I’ll be gone for two hours, and you can use my chair’ deal, that’s no deal I would ever take. The chair doesn’t belong to anyone other than the person physically sitting on it. I do however believe leaving your chair vacant for no more than 30 minutes is an acceptable practice, as everyone needs a break of one kind or another (pool dip, facilities, beverage, etc.) at some point.

    Good luck, Sophie! :)
  17. beccabt

    beccabt Guest

    This year I plan to use a new tactic: Go to pool area and loudly but casually say FREE DRINKS , WHERE? OH OVER AT (the closest bar) and when everyone stampedes i grab a chair. Think it will work?
  18. Cruisin Gal

    Cruisin Gal Guest

    How long do people spend laying in the sun at one time? Besides all that...if you explore the ship, you'll probably find some nice little private out of the way place to grab a chair, get some sun and enjoy soaking up the cancer cells!
  19. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    thanks for the input sea turtle...i am sure i will manage :) beccabt, you are right on the money with that one! and as far as how long can one lay in the sun, i for one can lay out in the sunshine for HOURS at a time and will soak up all the sun rays i can;
  20. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    Okay, I just got off the Conquest this past Sunday and I will have to say that chair saving was the worst I have ever seen (but this was my first cruise on a ship this size).

    I will never "reserve" a chair, this is not right in my book. I have younger kids that I need to watch while they are swimming and they do need to eat first so we were unable to get to the pool until afer 9 am and they were usually totally full by this time @ the main pool. They would swim/slide and I would pull up a chair at a table and watch from a distance. I will say that I am glad a started tanning in January, or I would not have had much of a tan :lol Back to the problem, most chairs had draped towels across the back for the entire day. I kid you not, with no one on them. I thought Carnival was suppose to keep an eye on this sort of a thing, but they don't. We gave up at the main pool and by day 2 we had our hopes set on the aft pool No luck there until mid afternoon and I finally spotted a chair near the bar. I jumped on it and hubby sat at the front of the lounge with me on the back. A very nice person then told me that the chair between us which had a beach bag on it had not been used all day, and that the woman to whom the bag belonged had been sitting in the shade all day. The other person verfied this story and Hubby took the bag and set off to the back of the chair. The older woman came running across, wondering why hubby was taking her chair and the people around the chair reminded her that she had not used the chair all day. She took her bag and left. In retrospect, I wish I had brought this sort of thing to the attention of Carnival's staff. Maybe if enough people get tired of it, they will start to patrol it a bit more. Good luck and enjoy the Conquest! :) Nan

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