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Any advice for "reserved" chairs #@!@#@$#

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by Sophie, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    Nan, thanks so much for the information. I will give it 1/2 hour, but after that .... hey, i paid for the cruise too sista! lol overall, did you enjoy the conquest, we leave april 18 and i cannot wait! :)
  2. lainie

    lainie Guest

    I never have any trouble finding a chair -- but I always look on the deck just above Lido. I like it because it is a bit more quiet up there than it is right by the pool. I go up there with the intention of staying on the chair the whole time sunning and reading my book and then I leave. Chair saving is rude if you do it for more than 30 minutes, I agree. But then there is another solution!! Head back to your cabin and hang out on your balcony! There's ALWAYS availability of deck chairs there!! :)
  3. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Sohie? May I suggest the topless deck! :lol :thumb
  4. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    Ken!!! you must behave. :) Looks like I will be on the topless deck ...
  5. Ken_2001

    Ken_2001 Guest

    Who.. wha.. me? behave.. oh yea baby.. LOL!!
  6. prettygigi

    prettygigi Guest

    Ok, I'm going to vent...



  7. jbest

    jbest Guest

    I understand needing a chair near the pool to watch your kids, but otherwise settle somewhere else where chairs are available. There's always chairs available somewhere.

    But, do you really sit/stand watching chairs for 30 minutes to see if they come available? Just curious ... I've walked right up and asked people nearby "has anyone been here recently" ... no, it's mine!
  8. Nanni-B.

    Nanni-B. Guest

    Sophie: Oh yes, this was our 3rd cruise and by far our best. This ship is beautiful. Our bathroom was HUGE! Bigger than ours at home :lol Balcony felt very big, and had teak floor. Food was excellent. I had heard small portions before, but I never went hungry :lol Big review coming when I have time!
  9. randk

    randk Guest


    My wife and I just returned from the Conquest, and on our many trips up to the pool areas, you will not have a problem finding a chair. May not be right next to the pool but you will find plenty of chairs to use. I do have a question, we watched some people in the hot tubs for what seemed liked hours, they never left, yet had buckets of beer next to them that they kept getting refilled. this was morning day and night. When or where did they relive themselves? LOL Just a question?
  10. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    omg randk - i think its obvious where they relieved themselves! thank you very much for your info on the conquest we are very excited and looking forward to this vacation. :)
  11. AngelaAngel

    AngelaAngel Guest

    Sophie-stay out of the hottubs.
  12. Krissta

    Krissta Guest


  13. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    angela - ROTFLMAO good idea! :)
  14. Sassysusie2

    Sassysusie2 Guest

    How could someone leave a towel on a chair all day and not use it? Come on that is just ridiculous. That would really make me mad!
  15. Sophie

    Sophie Guest

    who are you referring to sassi ?
  16. Irish Girl

    Irish Girl Guest

    I would not leave a $22 towel on a chair for hours without having my butt planted on that chair. It is a good way to get a nice towel at someone else's expense. I've found these expensive towels laying around after dark and scooped them up, taken them back to my room and exchanged for clean, dry towels. Nice to have at home.
  17. kujobie

    kujobie Guest

    Too funny, Irish girl. I think the personal assignment of towels was an attempt by Carnival to curb the chair saving practice, rather than towel theft. I could be wrong. Sounds like it's not working. As others have said, if you look, you can find chairs, not right next to the pool, but they're there.
  18. JudyKa

    JudyKa Guest

    Turkeyman, I LOVE your philosophy about sitting next to the little pool.......LOL!

    Why not find a nice lounge chair somewhere looking out over the ocean rather than fight for a chair as close as possible to the little-bitty pool? Wanna cool off?.......get up for a second and dive in for a second somewhere....then come back to your nice little secluded chair? If I have to leave for longer than 15 minutes, I'm going to grab my $20 towel and then let the chair be handed over to whomever. No biggy.... I'm not going to stress out over finding a chair next to the tiny pool when I leave on my cruise..... You will be finding me chilling out with an "icey one" somewhere on board gazing at the huge vastness of the beautiful green-blue waters of the Gulf. Ahhhhhhhh Can you tell I'm excited?????

  19. cruisegary

    cruisegary Guest

    1 - If you are a hairy old buzzard, feel free to go up to the topless deck.

    2 - For everyone else, feel free to take over a chair that has been without an owner for more than 30 minutes.

    I will never understand why people on cruise ships and resorts feel that once they touch a chair each morning, it is theirs for the entire day. It is not uncommon to find that "reserved" chair with towel, book, etc still "reserved" after the sun goes down. I would have no problem moving the offending items. If they asked I would either point out that nobody was using it. Or, "I think the deck steward moved the items, because the chair was EMPTY when I got here".

    Reminds me of the guy who decided to stow his carryon bags above the seat in first class on the plane instead of carrying it back to his own seat. When the bins became full, this guy pulls his bag out and asks the stewardess if she would gate check it for him. Needless to say, when the guy tried to find his bags, they were nowhere to be found.

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