Any current news on Connie's condition?


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It could mean nothing, just that Scrapbook Lady is very busy. That's my hopes, at least. Prayers continue for Connie and the boys.


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I was wondering if they moved her to rehab? If anyone has a current address for cards, please let me know....thanks


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I tried phoning the hospital day before yesterday, asking for Connie (if she was still a patient). They "put me through", but the phone just rang and rang and rang. I was hoping the Operator or a Nurse would pick up, but neither did.


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I have been thinking about Connie often and hope she is improving. I hope someone fills us in soon. I would like to send her a card as well but understand that it might be hard to find her if they keep moving her around. I hope she realizes we all think of her often and are sending healing thoughts her way.


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Sure hope that we hear/read something about Connie today. She continues to be in my prayers. I hope the 'terrible trio' aren't tearing her house apart while she is not there!!