Any news on Maw???


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Well didn't post yesterday as thought maybe she would answer. When I talked to her in evening before I left work she was awaiting her dinner in room as she had been up in wheelchair all day and feeling a little pain, so was back in her recliner and feeling better. Said they have been taking her to therapy daily, working on building arm strength and have had her stand up on her other leg at a walker. Still fighting the way she has to get to web site to post, but has been doing some reading.



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Thanks Brenda. I thought I had seen somewhere where someone mentioned her posting, but I couldn't find it. Glad she's ok and hope her surgery can be soon.

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our love,and heal up and get good set stuff for surgery thoughts from Mark and I about cried a bucket when we found out they did not get on the Grand..:(..hugs..Joanne


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Sees surgeon at 3 on Tuesday, so then hopefully she will have answers. I know she sure is getting anxious to get this over with and get home.


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Thanks for the update. Was very sad tp miss Maw on the Grand. We raised a toast or two, or three . . . . to her health. Sure wish she could have made it. Seemed odd to go on a group cruise and not spend time in Maw's office. Sure hope the surgery goes easy and she is able to recover with ease.