Any night owls around here??



After reading about Gayle's post where she said she worked all night, and slept most of the day, it got me thinking (I know that's dangerous :))

Years back, I worked the midnight shift at Ford Motor Company. Yes, I built your door panels and sewed your seats (if you owned a Ford). It was a strange life then, staying up all night, and trying to sleep during the day....especially with small children!

But after years of doing this, I guess I now have that ability to stay up all night. Here I am now, always waking up around 2:30 - 3:00 AM, maybe because that was our lunch hour????

Anyone else here that works nights, or stays up late at night?


The days I don't have anything going in the morning, I head toward bed around 3-3:30 AM. If I have to get up early the next day, around 1-2 is my bedtime. True night owl here.


I've had insomnia ever since my chemo so went ahead and accepted an
8PM - midnight shift at the store, we stay open till midnight. BUT, even though I can normally do my needlework or read until 2 or 3 AM, it sure is hard making change at 11:30 PM LOL. Anyway, now I can't unwind enough to go to sleep till about 3 or 4 AM and I'm often online at that time.

SOOOO, any time it's after midnight east coast time, or after 3 AM and you're up early, anyone could post "Chat anyone' and I'll bet there might be someone up at that time. Let's give it a try some night.

Hugs, Mari


I am a night owl for sure. I try and get 6 hours sleep so if I get to bed midnight calif time it is ok. When I have something on my mind I could be up all night and not sleep at all. And when all that is going on in my live these days I don't get much sleep.


Midnight to 1:30 is our bedtime. Depends on who Jay Leno has as his guest or if I am working on computer problems as I am now.

Back in 2001, before our great friends from Finland began logging on very early, we New Englanders use to start the "Good Morning" thread. Because we were still up, not because we got up early. :grin

Christoffer and Tero are getting up before most of us are going to bed. :)


Oh Bibb I so remember fondly those late night posts. And Mike from Taipai was always there too! We both had Sam the dog that we would talk about. I wonder if your Sam and my Sam are playing together now? And one or the other of us would start the good morning post. I think somewhere along the way I got old and need more sleep! :lol Lately I haven't been sleeping well. A few health problems and this job is very difficult to let go sometimes. My mind races about the sadness. But 5am comes early too and then I am saying who kept that night light burning! =lolgang


:) Another night owl here. So used to working the back shift, I
rarely GTB before 03:00 AEST (OZ time).

Cheat a little 'cos I might have a siesta during the day but not often.
I say too often 'dratted emails' but I looovvvveee to post.:)P)


I'm a night owl but not by choice. I've always suffered, it seems, from insomnia. I have to take sleep meds most nights in order to fall asleep. Even then, it's hard for me to fall asleep and stay asleep. I've tried most meds as well as taking hot baths and drinking hot teas. I also have a hard time trying to nap during the day. I was always the one in preschool who couldn't nap on a mat. Another sleep problem is that DH snores like he's sawing down a redwood tree. My dogs also come into the bedroom early in the mornings in order to go outside and be fed.