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Any Opinion of HAL's Website?



That's my question, what do you think of HAL's website when it comes to ease of operation, information provided, speed, up or down, ect?

BTW curious if anyone has heard if the Ryndam will be getting an alternate restaurant added when they are dry-docked this year. Were set for our December Sea of Cortez Cruise and have been spoiled in the past by HAL & the options for dinning on some of the other ships.

Donna H

Yes. The Ryndam will be getting its restaurant after its last trip to Alaska, just like the Statendam. After the Alaska trips they both go to dry dock in Vancouver, BC. Hope this helps.


We were told all "S" class ships will get an Odyssey/Marco Polo at their next scheduled dry dock.

Lady Jag(Bobbie)

I'm new to HAL, having just booked our first HAL cruise last week. I like the website and have found that everything is easily managed using it. I don't like the colors - they seem a bit boring. I think the site could use a little more "spunk" like Princess' site, but overall, I found it much easier to use than RCI's and Princess' sites.