Any other good HAL boards?



We've learned a lot by reading current and old messages on this board in preparation for our cruise to Alaska in 2003...this is a great message board, lots of good info and activitity, just curious if there are others that I would enjoy reading regarding HAL, Alaska, etc.? Please advise...thanks!



Cruisemates has a good HAL board. Several people from here also post there. I don't personally care for the HAL board at cruisecritic because of the negative comments, fighting, bashing, flaming, etc. Actually, the Cunard board at is the same way, so maybe it's just the people that frequent cruisecritic.


I post on both cruisecritic and C@. I started at cruisecritic because way back when I started coming to cruise message boards, there were very few HAL cruisers here and we didn't have this HAL Forum. "Since HAL is my favorite line, I wanted a cruiseline specific forum.

Now that we have this forum, I will probably go to the other one less frequently. Many of the same people come to both...but not all.


I post on C@ and Cruise Critic. I read Cruisemates occasionally. I started with Cruise Critic because I like a board where I can read about specific cruise lines. I am so glad this board now has a separate listing for each cruise line.

Also, I tend to ignore any negativity on any board. I go to the boards to read of others cruising experiences not to debate anything.


I really like the HAL board on CruiseCritic. It's really a good board, but went thru a bad week or two. That's not what it has been like and I almost quit the board ... it was very close.

Some people get off on baiting others; some people get off on being baited. You do one response to that and then you walk away from the thread and let it drop off the bottom of the page.

That didn't happen. It was a sad time on an otherwise great board. The people doing the baiting got their jollies out of all the heat generated. A couple of people seemed to get a little too involved instead of just cutting the rope and leaving the sinking ship.

One flame and I stop opening the thread. It's only a message board and life is short.


My friend tomc from CC boards said it all!!! I almost quit too, but left the "bad" messages and the board alone for a few days and the board monitor soon got everything ironed out. We all love to cruise and share what we can, to do otherwise is totally boring and juvenile........jean