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Any thefts from cabin?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by traveltime, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. lizardstew

    lizardstew Guest

    If you lock them with regular locks and TSA needs to get into your case, they will either break the lock or (sometimes) even the zipper. Usually the check-in agent will ask you to remove the locks.

    If you feel you MUST lock your case, you have two options. 1) you can buy special TSA approved locks that are designed to fit the keys that every TSA agent carries (these are about $10 apiece.) or 2) you can buy a package of 100 zip ties for about $2.99. These are those little plastic locking ties that you can get at Home Depot or WalMart.

    This is all for the airport.

    The cruise port may be different....
  2. Funcruiser56

    Funcruiser56 Guest

    Since we always come down at least a day ahead of time before we head to the port we put zip ties on all of our luggage. Sure if someone wants to get in your luggage they can cut it off but the zip ties make it harder to just unzip and grab something out of the bag.
    We also zip tie them before we put them out in the hallway the last evening.

  3. Chipmeister

    Chipmeister Guest

    I think that person was talking about locking their bags on the ship the last night. You can do that if you want. It's at the airport where you cannot. You just have to unlock before checking them. As for security stories, I have 2. Last year, in Barbados, I left my video camera (in it's case with accessories) in a gift shop at the port bulding. I didn't realize it until I had returned to the ship. When I realized it, we took the shuttle bus back to the shop but it was no where in sight. Back on board, we went to the pursers desk and, yep, they had it. Someone on our ship found it and brought it back. We felt lucky because there was another ship in port and we thought if the person who found it was on that ship, that would be where the camera went. But we later found the good samaritin who tols us that she had seen me with the camera bag in the shop and recognized me from the ship. Pretty lucky!

    Then, 3 weeks ago, after only an hour on board Mariner in Port Canaveral, I left my digital camera on a table in the Windjammer. Went back to look and it was gone. No one knew anything about it and the pursers desk didn't have it either. i was pretty bummed, not only for the loss of the camera and pictures, but also because I wanted to take some shots as we left. I checked back a few times during the afternoon with no luck. Then, at around 7:30, went back and the guy at the desk asked what kind of camera it was. He said he had a whole drawer full of them in the back. Happily, he had mine. he said that they sometimes get bunches of them turned in. In fact on the previous cruise, someone lost a wallet with $1000 in it and it was turned in with all the cash. The guy at the desk said that people, to him, seem to be very honest as the vast majority of lost items are returned.

  4. rrmanlht

    rrmanlht Guest

    Well.... pattyfrompa...
    Guess you must have been in another world when you posted the comment about locking suitcases ... The post is about thefts from YOUR CABINS ONBOARD SHIP......!!!!!! well DUH ... we all know you can't lock suitcases to fly .. but in your room it is surely allowed...lol.
    And now my comment .. we have curised 3 times before .. twice on RCCL and once on Celebrity .. and not ONE PROBLEM. Also ... we have heard of no problems from other guests. Although we do lock money and other valueables in our safe.... out of site out of mind.
  5. Hal

    Hal Guest

    Yes, you can lock your suitcase if you have TSA approved locks. The TSa locks are fairly inexpensive and allow you to check locked luggage. However, if TSA needs to inspect the bag they have special keys. We use them all the time and the TSA people always thank us and then tell stories of others that try non-approved locks and then complain.

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  6. rrmanlht

    rrmanlht Guest

    Well.... call me stupid .. I haven't heard of that kind of lock ... Where can you get them ... we fly into Ft. Lauderdale Dec. 2nd and would love to be able to lock our suitcases. Thanks for the information..
  7. Petert

    Petert Guest

    You can order these locks on the internet, The first up on the Yahoo seach was Tamperseal.com. The locks were advertized at about $9.00 ea.

  8. I lock mine and so far no one has said said thing.
  9. pattyfrompa

    pattyfrompa Guest

    rrmhlt>>>>>How rude! I believe you owe me an apology, but don't expect to get one. Know what? I just won't post on here anymore. I thought this was a friendly site, but I thought wrong. Some people just have to constantly criticize others in here. What a shame. Thought we were all in here to help, not criticize!
  10. pattyfrompa

    pattyfrompa Guest

    The question was: "Have any of you have ever had anything taken from your cabin?" I certainly answered correctly.....you were wrong dingbell, not me!
  11. Searcher

    Searcher Guest

    Darn right, my pet elephant was swiped on the Grandeur, over Christmas, two years ago.

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