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Any tips for a new cruiser who's allergic to cigarette smoke??

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by randala, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. randala

    randala Guest

    HI friends,

    I'm planning (tho haven't booked it yet ...) a cruise on Celebrity Century, western caribbean, January 2nd. I've read a ton of reviews and they all sound fine, but the thing that is scaring me is the few folks who mentioned how horrible the cigarette smoke was because the cruise line has a too-liberal smoking policy, and smoking is allowed just about everywhere except the staterooms and restaurants.

    I'm wondering if there are cruise lines or specific ships for people like me, for whom a lot of smokers will literally ruin the entire trip.

    Are there specific spots on a ship I should try to spend more time or less time at?

    Any tips???

    Thanks friends!!

  2. sweet sheep

    sweet sheep Guest

    Celebrity only allows smoking on the starboard side of the ship-on deck and in the lounges. So you can pass through on the port side and sit in the lounges on the port side. I dislike cigarette smoke also and i find the staying on that side you avoid a lot of it. It does not reach all the way over there. The casinos are very bad however. If you want to play you should go when they open during the day because it is tolerable then. At night-forget it!

    Smoking is not allowed in the restaurant or grill area.
  3. randala

    randala Guest

    Thank you sweet sheep. This makes me feel a little better. I am not a casino person and have no desire to go to the evening shows, so none of that bothers me. I am mostly concerned about sitting on the deck all day and choking on cigarette smoke. I might as well stay home.

    By any chance, do you know if that "no smoking on the port side" translates to staterooms on the port side too? Here's why I'm asking: I'm planning on booking a room with a balcony, but if my next door neighbor is out on his balcony puffing away, not only will I have no use for that balcony, but I won't even be able to keep the window open at all, which means I am paying for something I will never use. I would feel so much better if I knew that all the staterooms near mine were nonsmoking. I will ask Celebrity about this, but if you know the answer, I would be much obliged!!
  4. All of the staterooms allow smoking.

    Incidentally, smoking is allowed in the grill area. On the Century, this translates to the grill which offers burgers, pizza, fries, etc. Smoking is not allowed near the other grill (which serves salads and sandwiches).

    Smoking is not allowed on the port side or in any of the restaurants. Aside from that, it sounds as though you have a decision to make since your neighbor may very well be a smoker. If your neighbor is a smoker, it's a certainty s/he will be smoking on the balcony.

    Carnival Paradise has been a non-smoking ship; however, I know Carnival plans to end the non-smoking sailings on this ship. You may want to find out when the last non-smoking sailing is.
  5. littlebit

    littlebit Guest

    The only place I have found smoke to be prevelant is in the Casino's and bars that allow smoking. Just remeber which side of the ship you NEED to stay on.
  6. randala

    randala Guest

    Oh, I am MORE THAN HAPPY to stay on "my" side of the ship, away from the smokers. That's not usually the problem. It's that smokers tend to follow me wherever I go, and just when I go to park myself somewhere, someone sits down right next to me and lights up. If I can be assured that as long as I stay on the port side, no one will be smoking near me, that would make me very happy! But as I understand it, these rules are not enforced. It's just so disheartening to think that I might be spending so much money to be so uncomfortable. :-(
  7. randy

    randy Guest

    I will have to sadly agree that the rules are not enforced. While the indoor (show lounge, dining rooms) ban is sacrosanct, I found (particularly among Europeans) that around the pool, and on deck many smokers chose to do so whereever they were. Amazingly, I actually saw someone grind a but into the deck when she was done. I guess the attitude is, "I am paying for someone else to clean up (the ship) after me." I was reclined on the (non-smoking side) of the ship, and someone walked across the ship to get an ashtray and bring it back to set down next to me. I said, "this side of the ship is non-smoking." She just looked at me, lit up, said nothing and opened her magazine. Maybe it was a language barrier? Maybe I should be grateful she used an ashtray instead of flicking the ashes my way? In any event, as long as the ship is moving, the smoke is pulled away fairly quickly.
  8. randala

    randala Guest

    Just curious ... if someone were to light up on the non-smoking side of the ship, and my informing the smoker politely that this is the nonsmoking side of the ship doesn't make a difference, as you describe, is there someone, a ship employee, I can ask to intervene to ensure that the smoker either puts out the cigarette or moves? or am I on my own here? Just wondering if there were anyone I could turn to, to help me with this issue. Sadly, I find the scenario you described all too common.
  9. sweet sheep

    sweet sheep Guest

    I would go to an employee (look for the name on their tag) and if they do nothing then go right away to customer service. They definitely want the passengers happy.
  10. randala

    randala Guest

    Thanks everyone. I feel a little better about this. I really do want to take this cruise, just want to make sure I won't be miserable and overwhelmed the whole time. I mean, it's supposed to be a vacation, right?!
  11. J.E. M.

    J.E. M. Guest

    I also have a problem with smokers, what I do is book a longer curise, you get an older group of passengers, hence fewer somkers. Stay away from European cruises!
  12. randala

    randala Guest

    And I always thought younger people were smoking less than older folks. Interesting ....

    Alas, I can only cruise for 6-7 nites/days due to my work schedule. But your advice is good for the future. And yes, I agree, I would probably need to stay away from European cruises. Went to Spain for a week last April and just about expired!! Sigh ...
  13. Dandylyon

    Dandylyon Guest

    My family really dislikes cigarette smoke. In the past we have walked out of restaurants where the smell is offensive. (Not a problem in California any more, as there is no smoking allowed in restaurants. Unfortunately, we can never eat in a restaurant's patio or outside eating area because they do allow smoking out there.)

    When we first boarded Summit for our recent Alaska cruise, there was quite a noticible smoke smell in our cabin. Yuck. We asked the steward if he could do anything about it. He said he would try, but that people smoke on their balconies (even though it says not to) and the smell enters the cabins. I don't think that is what it was. I think the cabin's previous occupants were smokers. In any case, we either became used to it, or he was able to eradicate the smell inside.

    Sometimes I was unable to stay on our balcony because of nearby people smoking. I dunno, somehow a mouthful of garlic doesn't seem to waft as far.

    Most places onboard it is possible to avoid the smoke, except, as noted, in the casino. It took me awhile to remember which side of the ship to walk on, however, to avoid the worst of it.

    Don't let it ruin your wonderful cruise!
  14. sailboat

    sailboat Guest

    I took my Mom on a Celebrity cruise and her worry was just the opposite. As a smoker she worried about having enough places to smoke. She refused to smoke in the cabin out of consideration for me or in the dining room out of consideration for other passengers. How happy she was when she saw the signs showing where smoking was allowed! She and her fellow smokers had soon figured out where they could roost and puff away. The concentration of smokers in one spot was nice for them, but I had to leave my mom on her own much of the time--just could not take all that smoke in one place! Most pax obeyed the "rules" -- I did notice one form of smoker behavior however. Smokers must have started taking the ashtrays with them because by day three, there was nary a one to be found! I ferreted out a crew member and got additional ashtrays placed. It was an eye-opening experience for me to become aware of smoking (as I had never had on any other cruise).

    A suggestion for someone who is sitting on the NS side where a smoker lights up and refuses to move. Smile and say "I promise not to deliver my twenty-minute prepared speech on the health related ills of smoking if you promise to either stop smoking or move to an area where smoking is allowed."

    You might also find it handy to learn "no smoking" (sense fumare!) in a couple of other languages.
  15. randala

    randala Guest

    This was very helpful and a gas to read! Many thanks!!
  16. ljeanbrown

    ljeanbrown Guest

    I am just curious where it mentioned that smoking was not allowed on balconies on your cruise? We have cruised Celebrity several times and have never seen that mentioned any where, they did ask that passengers refrain from smoking cigars in public areas like the pool deck etc. Just curious about the cabin balconies :wave
  17. Jeannine

    Jeannine Guest

    All Celebrity ships allow smoking in the staterooms as well as all balconies regardless which side the staterooms/balconies are located. You might try booking one of the first balconies at the bow of the ship. as the ship moves the smoke goes to the rear. Also the very last balconies at the stern for the same reason..

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