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Any traditional dining?



Is there any traditional dining left on NCL or is it all "freestyle"?

And how dressed up do people get with "freestyle"?



The Norway still has traditional dining although it has LeBistro as well. I've never been on a free-style ship so I can't answer they other question.


The Norwegian Star has a table called " Friends of Marion B" in their Aqua Restaurant.
This large table is reserved every night for traditional cruisers who want that "old feeling". Seating is 6PM or 9PM with the same waiter every night. This table is for any diners who want to meet others or who want the old style dining experience.

You can also do your own thing in the ship's main dining rooms if you want. Speak to the Restaurant Manager. He can arrange the same table at the same time (6pm or 9PM) every night, with the same waiter and even the same guests if you like.

There are not many takers on this offer, however. The Star has so many great restaurants that most passengers don't want to miss anything. They eat most every meal in a different restaurant.