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Anybody care to guess how much this site costs to run per month?

Discussion in 'Know Before You Go' started by John, May 8, 2003.

  1. John

    John Guest

    If you can guess it (April 2003) within $10 you'll win a FREE T-shirt.
    Ends at midnight ET.
  2. Ali

    Ali Guest

    oh oh...a contest with a prize!! Ok, I'm guessing around $480.00 a month.
  3. I know what the chat room costs. After looking around for web hosting sights and seeing how much they want, I have no clue why you don't take that money and book a cruise!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ali

    Ali Guest

    Suer no giving away hints. :lol
  5. herb

    herb Guest


    This is like The Price is Right... :grin

    $ 820
  6. I shouldn't give him any ideas either!!!!!!
  7. Ali

    Ali Guest

    No you shouldn't!! :lol :lol

    Hey Herb...good one! Never thought of the Price is Right!
  8. tati

    tati Guest

    Well, $409
  9. JOHN(NJ)

    JOHN(NJ) Guest

  10. Glam

    Glam Guest

  11. BarbaraK

    BarbaraK Guest

    Too much! :grin
  12. luv2travel2

    luv2travel2 Guest

    How many times do we get to guess? $1,000.00
  13. Mgram

    Mgram Guest

    I think I will say $2,350.
  14. Jim

    Jim Guest

  15. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

  16. bOB

    bOB Guest

    Does it matter, it's free to us and that has always seem to count for something in the past....................
  17. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    OK sobersides... you have a point.. besides.. I think that I am way low :grin
  18. MizSuzannah

    MizSuzannah Guest

    I'm going to guess 685.00 per month.
    That's a lot of t-shirts....

    Believe me, John, when I say that I really love Cruise@ddicts and I hope it never goes away, but if it does, you'll still be my favorite Captain....
  19. PeabodyNVL

    PeabodyNVL Guest

    I'm going to guess $1500.


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