Anyone been on the Pacific Princess lately?




I am considering a cruise to Bermuda on this ship (since this is suppose to be the last season she will be with Princess doing the Bermuda route).

And was wondering if anyone has been on this ship lately?

Have read in some posts that it seems that the appearance of the ship is going down (not spending money on repairs), but the service was excellent like on any other Princess ship.

I have been on small ships in the past (in the mid 1980's), so I know that she is small compared to other ships.

Does she have stabilizers?

Any advice would be helpful?


edward v

Did the Pacific Princess to Bermuda last July. Ship was in excellent shape (better than the Rotterdam VI on her maiden cruise!). Service excellent, as always. Don't miss the snorkling trip in the west end. Fabulous!


Sailed on the Love Boat last August and it was in good condition. She's old but very lively. The staff is wonderful and we had a great time!


We were on in June - service is wonderful - yes she's a little aged - cabins are tiny -but we had a great time & Bermuda is beautiful!!!


Had a real easy trip from Philly to NYC via Greyhound and a quick cab ride to the cruiseship terminal. Sailing out of NY Harbor is still exciting. It is great to pass under the Verrazano Bridge and see the beaches of Long Island and the Jersey shore from afar. The Manhattan and Brooklyn skyline is still strange w/o the twin towers. I recall seeing them under construction as a kid in 1971 from a cruiseship.

SHIP: The Pacific Princess of 1971 is the original Loveboat from TV. She is built like a liner with sheer, camber, and tumblehome. The hull form and superstructure are very well proportioned and beautifully sculpted. There is not a bad angle or shape anywhere. On board her aft deck terracing is very graceful, as is the mid-ship magradome courtyard and bow section.

The interior layout, flow, and planning are first rate. The shapes and layouts of public rooms are too. Cabins are small but efficient in use of space. Ship feels bigger than it is, yet it does not take 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other like the Norway. The Regal Empress slightly larger feels small and cramped in comparison. There is ample deck space, both shaded and open.

The interior decor shouts Days Inn when it wants to be Hotel W. The lighting is glary, spotty, and dated looking. The only passable rooms are the Carousel Lounge, Coral Dining Room, and the Pirates Cove Disco There is way too much plastic wood. The green and brown color combinations in the Pacific Lounge and the Starlight lounge are nauseating in what are beautiful spaces with nice murals and fittings. There are many oil paintings of old P&O ships throughout.

She did roll, even in the Hudson River. She is steady in drydock. What was odd is that she was no worse in the Gulf Stream with 6' white caps. She does corkscrew with more sensation of rolling than pitching: The Norway opposite. Unsecured closet doors will swing back and forth, as do curtains. No part of the ship is immune. She is a steady roller, pitches like a mid 1970's Lincoln. The Regal Empress and Sea Breeze; same size ships, are snappier, have a greater magnitude of motion, and far more volatile. I sailed those 2 under the same sea conditions as the PP. I had no problems, had to stand and walk lively at times. Water in the swimming pools was rather calm. The four 10 cylinder FIAT medium speed diesels vibrate the entire ship. Water in glasses dances about. I got used to it in a few hours.

Overall she offers the best of an ocean liner and the best of a modern cruise ship.
This is the 3rd cruise with a single supplement. I was anything BUT alone on all 3 cruises. Any time by myself was my own choosing. There were always people ready to make conversation. I would start or others would start with me. Many couples or groups would ask me to photograph them with their cameras. When convenient I would walk the ports with others. Sometimes I would retire to my cabin just for down time. The PP and Rembrandt are intimate scaled ships, [density, not size] and frequently see the same passengers over again. The crew gets to know you.

And I did have an affair with a crew member. Hey, this is the Love Boat. I was the youngest single passenger on the ship and got sized up as entertainment. Further romance? If one can afford to take a cruise, you are a bottomless pit of wealth compared to a crew member. Most are from poor countries.
With 650 passengers had about 40 African Americans on board, 30 Brits, and 40 Canadians. Most came from the New York area. The crew was British, Filipino, Hungarian, Romanian, and Polish. All blended in. Most were friendly and 2 confused me for a current popular movie actor. [In Calistoga; a celebrity hang out, I got a 2nd helping of shrimp in a restaurant where I was mistaken]

My dinner tablemates were a brother and sister and their spouses in their 50’s from Long Island plus an elderly British woman. One was like the Allen Melvin-Barney Hefner character from All in the Family, but is quite intelligent and people savvy. He has a Rodney Dangerfield-Joe Pesce sense of humor. The British woman whom got nicknamed Mumsy had a double dry British humor ala Malcolm Oliver. The two playing off each other kept me in stitches. The 2 couples took the British woman and myself in under their wing. I truly enjoyed them.

Mumsy: The French will not buy British beef, so I will not eat any French food!

Food on board was the best of any ship. On French night I had 2 helpings of Frogs Legs and Escargot.

I had an afternoon tea with the Golden Girls. 4 women: 3 in late 60’s, one with her 90 yo mother, plus 2 very charming 40ish Black women: one and accountant, [we went into the Dockyards together] another a school teacher. All were fantastic. One asked the 90yo who is very spry how she does it: her reply: ‘red wine, hot peppers, and good sex’.

Service was fantastic: I had breakfast delivered to my cabin. One bar waiter from Mexico [Adrian] helped me practice my high school Spanish. The next day my Hungarian [Atilla] waiter in the restaurant started speaking Spanish to me. The busboy [Sandor]would hold his own as a waiter in any fine restaurant. The cruise directors always say hello and chat.

I was invited to the Captain’s party. It is for previous Princess/P&O passengers. My last P&O cruise was the Canberra of 1973.
One hostess [Joy], whom was with the company for 30 years was on the Canberra when I was and recognized her.

My cabin choice was upgraded to a mini-suite about 6’ wide by 22’ long on the Promenade deck.

Entertainment on the ship was very good, although NCL’s Norway has a slight edge. The evening shows were musical revues well done by British actors/singers/dancers.

Jason and Wayne who work in the gift shop need lessons in manners. Jason insulted me, and a complaint to the cruise director resolved it quickly.


It is the UN-St.Thomas: It is never too crowded. They limit the # of cruise ships in port at any one time. It is charming and polished; Disneyland clean. The people are VERY hospitable. I love the men’s fashion of the Bermuda suit. It is linen shorts at above knee length, dark calf height socks, shoes, shirt, tie, and sports jacket. I wish the fashion would come to the US.

St George is boring but pretty. Hamilton is a nice little city about the size of Old City Phila or Greenwich Village. The architecture was Bahaman and in bright pastels. There were many beautiful parks with Palm and Banyan trees.

The Royal Naval Dockyard is my favorite. There is a fantastic Maritime Museum which chronicles the history of Bermuda and has wonderful Dolphin tank. It is great to watch them jump. They are friendly, swim fast and an overall fascinating specie.

The last sea day in very calm water I saw a whale swimming along side the ship.

Got up at 5am to re-enter NY Harbor and watch the sunrise. Going home was effortless via taxi to bus terminal back to Phila.

A relief not to fly.