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Anyone booked to go on Mariner?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by SylviaB, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. imlulu

    imlulu Guest

    We are booked for April 18, 2004 but may be switching that to January 18 sailing. I am stillup in the air about . The price of air is actually what is got me all over the place. However will be our first time on RCI and my kids chose a cruise over Universal! This will eb their 2nd cruise in less than 1 year.
  2. Co. Mayo

    Co. Mayo Guest

    We are booked on Jan. 11th Western. Hope to find other who are too.

    First RCC and can't wait.

    Family of 4.

    Ist balcony and Mega Ship

  3. SylviaB

    SylviaB Guest

    Marci! We'll be going at the same time! We had an atrium cabin on Voyager 2 years ago, it was really nice. This time we're having a balcony one on deck 6, 6820. Maybe we can meet up on the ship?!

  4. Deb Mumaw

    Deb Mumaw Guest

    Kruz, we are in an aft balcony for the first time. Have already heard from the couple next door to us. We love laying out in the Solarium pool area! We go to the library the first day pick up books and head for the sun! We live in Fla. close to the beach but never seem to go...so we love the down time onboard. Counting the days!
  5. txncruisn

    txncruisn Guest

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum. We're booked on the Mariner, March 7, 2004. Our first Voyager class cruise. We can't wait.
  6. mac_tlc

    mac_tlc Guest

    Just booked adjoining atrium cabins on the Feb. 15 2004 Mariner, 8287 & 8289. Have tried the Explorer and Navigator and Voyager is set for Oct 2004 . Only the Adventure to go !!!!

  7. ohiocruiser

    ohiocruiser Guest

    We've got a family and friends group of 17 sailing on the June 20, 04 sailing!

    Father's Day and a "milestone" birthday in the same week.....should be fun!!
  8. Mmketeer

    Mmketeer Guest

    Hi gang,

    I had to reschedule my upcoming Sept. 20th Naviagtor cruise (their is huge $500 whole in my pocket now) and I have rebooked for the Mariner on :
    Nov. 30th....should be her first Western Carribean cruise...very exciting! This will be my first RCCL cruise and 6th cruise over all from my home port of Port Canverial!

  9. jano

    jano Guest

    13 of us will be all over the Mariner of the Seas Dec 14-21...Third Mega Cruise..and adore them...We will have 4 boys in a quad room..(please don't complain if they get too rowdy-they are boys); some balcony; some interior and atrium...We have done Explorer and Adventure of the Seas..and eagerly look forward to this new one...Anyone who has not sailed the RCCL Mega ships is in for a treat....Counting the days....
  10. laginog

    laginog Guest

    We'll be on the Mariner on Jan 25th! This time, it will be just my Mom and I. My DH said "Go Ahead! One vacation a year is enough for me!" Can you imagine that?? Not me!!! Mom and I will have a blast!!! We loved the Navigator!!!!
  11. japrogrammer

    japrogrammer Guest

    We are booked on the Mariner for the Feb 22 cruise in a balcony cabin on the 8th deck. This is part of our year-long 25th Anniversary celebration. Can't hardly wait!!
  12. reeran

    reeran Guest

    Hi we are booked on the April 18th cruise on the Mariner
  13. disfreak

    disfreak Guest

    We'll be there. June 6/04, Western Caribbean. Group of 27 (9 staterooms) all over the ship, four of them located on aft balcony staterooms.
  14. mk1925

    mk1925 Guest

    We will be on the maiden voyage Nov. 16th - can't wait! I will try and post a review as soon as I return to give the rest of yall the scoop on MOS
  15. We are also booked. Nov 16th Maiden voyage. Myself & my wife. We have never been on RCI cruise ship before. We have sailed on the Carnival Pride & Fantasy, We can't wait. All the pictures look awesome. Atrium room on deck 8.

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  16. reeran

    reeran Guest

    We have an atrium room on 8 for the April 18 trip. I really like the atriums...we had one on the Adventure and it was great.
    Has anyone heard who the godmother/godfather of this ship will be???
    Hi bigsteelerfan, are you from the "burgh" too???

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  17. japrogrammer

    japrogrammer Guest

    Hi reeran and bigsteelerfan, another "burgh"er here (actually a little south, in Belle Vernon) We are on the 2/22 trip of the Mariner. Hope to hear lots of details of your trip.

    What's a "godmother/godfather of the ship"?
  18. Yes, I am from Pittsburgh. The Steelers won today also! Yeah! Does anyone know if they (RCI) has anything special for the maiden voyages for their ships? I know its not techinally the 1st cruise, but it is the 1st cruise to the paying public.
  19. EydieG

    EydieG Guest

    We are thinking of booking the June 20, 04 also. We are looking for the best price. Did you get a good deal and if so where did you find it?
  20. Scubapuss

    Scubapuss Guest

    I am going to be on the Mariner March 7, 2004.

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