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Anyone else excited about your trip????

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Quate, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. Missmadge

    Missmadge Guest

    We are Diamond+++ cruisers on RCCL and still get excited about every cruise we take. Going on the Liberty this month and started packing several weeks ago. Have 3 cruises booked for later in the year and we continually talk about them and chat with people on them. That way we keep the excitment alive.

  2. tmoore4075

    tmoore4075 Guest

    I just have to say again how frickin psyched I am for my cruise in February. I have to wait 242 day still though. Ugh! Cruise is almost paid off though which is good. I keep watching videos on youtube of cruises. The ones on there make miss Radiance.
  3. magroo

    magroo Guest

    20 days and counting!!! WOOHOO


    i CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER....The next 17 days are going to be so long.
  5. L8inAZ

    L8inAZ Guest

    We are trying to book the Freedom of the seas this September. I should know if vacation time is approved in the next week, Keeping all body parts crossed.
  6. Missmadge

    Missmadge Guest

    In September we will be taking our 7th cruise of this year and have 2 more booked before the end of the year. We still get excited about each and every one of them!!!

  7. Linda&Rod

    Linda&Rod Guest

    I have 5 more days!!! I can't wait!!! Now it's really getting exciting! :D
  8. tmoore4075

    tmoore4075 Guest

    Well have a safe, fun trip. I have 214 days so I am jealous.
  9. magroo

    magroo Guest

    I'm so giddy. I leave in 3 days!!!:daisy

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