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anyone ever cruise in october to the bahamas?

Discussion in 'Carnival Cruise Lines' started by speedboatermama, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. whats the weather usualy like? will be sailing out of jacksonville on facination on oct. 3rd. will it be warm enough you think for the kids to swim before we get to bahamas?

    also, what will the weather be like in the bahamas in october?

    getting worried.
  2. Don B

    Don B Guest

    We sailed in late September from Jacksonville. Jacksonville will still be warm in October, but maybe a little cool for swimming (high 79, low 63). I went swimming in late September there and it was chilly.
    The Bahamas will be warm enough for swimming to be sure. Nassau averages in October are 82 for the high and 72 for the lows.
    We were in Key West on Oct. 1, and it was 100 degrees. Nassau doesn't really begin to get cool until late December. It will be 80 degrees this week (January)!!!
  3. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    The biggest concern weather wise will be the threat of a hurricane or TS. Sept-Oct are peak times for the occurrence of tropical weather, especially in Florida. Just be prepared for possible itinerary changes should a threat of bad weather occur.
  4. ahewitt

    ahewitt Guest

    Did jacksonville two years in a row in oct 80s the norm
  5. Thanks everyone for the wonderful advice.
    yes, i do worry about the weather somewhat.. but it wont stop me i dont imagine.
    best time to go , kids will be on fall break from school, best time to leave my work as well
  6. Netta

    Netta Guest

    We went to Bahamas last year of October and it was HOT maybe 85 degrees or so. Wear light clothes , I made the mistake of wearing too much clothing and was miserable. And yes it will be hot enough for the kid's to swim. We sailed from Miami port.

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