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Anyone ever use Crucon?



Robin... They are the only TA I use...The prices in all of my experiences cannot be beat. They seemed to be a few hundred dollars less then the lowest price quoted to me.

My experience with Crucon Cruise outlet has been positive <CYE> mostly. They do things electronically which was strange at first to me, but when I got my edocs <electronic documents> they were indeed from the cruise line and not CCO

I'm glad you asked this on this board. Please ask if you are curious about anything about them


<heh heh> They certainly add color to your posts!! :thumb

Hey BTW. how'd ya hear about crucon?


Surfing the net and stumbled on it.I`m a coupon queen and save on everything I can.I have free drink coupons for cozumel .


Rhen, I'd suggest you shop around and check other outlets before you settle on CruCon. Just for the heck of it, I went to the CruCon site and put in the information for a cruise I booked with Cruise Value Center last week. For the same Balcony Cabin category BA on the NCL Sun for the 1/1/05 sailing CruCon's online price for the cabin was $755.76 whereas the Cruise Value Center online price for the same exact cabin was $619.52. The taxes and ports charges were the same on each site,$228.05. So the total per person on CruCon is $983.81 and the same exact cabin/cruise on the Cruise Value Center site was $847.57 for a whopping differance of $136.24!!!!!!

Bottom line, do your homework. Get a price from as many web sites as you can. They all pretty much use the same cruise/cabin search engine provided by Revelex. The only difference is each agency puts in their own cabin pricing.

Last year I booked with itakeacruise.com on Carnival nobody could touch them. I tried them this year for our NCL cruise and they couldn't beat (actually, nobody could beat) Cruisevaluecenter.com


Thanks tee zee. I do my homework.I search hi and low before I book.And even after I book if I find a better deal before final payment. :grin

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I have a group cruise booked with them right now. So far, no complaints. They have been prompt and have answered all of my many many question.


I have used them and been very happy. However, still shop around because my cruise in Oct on the Jewel was $300 cheaper with another ta. I have two favorites and Crucon is one of them


I have used CruCon for the last 2+ years and been very happy with them. You do not get their best deals if you use the web booking engine. Call and deal with a real person.



I am booked through them right now. This is my 1st cruise with them and so far so good. They call back promptly when emailed or called. Their office is also in Mass where I live. Definitely shop around. I also like cruisequick and buycruises.


I booked our cruise through CruCon. They had the best price at the time that I booked. However, they certainly DON'T have the best service. It seems once they got my business - it has been very hard to get a response back form them on questions, etc.
I constantly monitor prices. I found my cruise to be almost $400.00 chepaer through Cruise Value Center. I transferred my booking over to the Cruise Value Center and have not regretted it once. They are wonderful :)