Anyone get a free cruise after complaining?



Wow, it seems we might have hit a nerve with Snorkelman? Hmmmm... maybe because he is trying to get something for NOTHING? Share the facts Snorkleman, Share the FACTS!!


Maybe we can start list how much things are worth.
Waiting in line at embarkation and debarkation $25.00 per hour of inconvience.
Bad meal charge say $30.00
Pool chair unavailibility $15.00 per offense
Long buffet lines are a double wammy of $25.00 per hour plus the bad meal charge of $30.00
Please help me out so I can get a free cruise from carninval. I need a lot of help because we have four in our family and have rented two 8B balcony staterooms on the Liberty. Should I video tape these violations.

Lady Jag

Your post is very upsetting. It's people that expect a free cruise that give cruising, and Carnival, a bad name.

My father had many problems on his recent Pride cruise. A well-written, concise letter to Carnival earned him a bottle of wine. They couldn't promise that he'd get it on his next cruise, but they would "request" it. He wasn't expecting anything more than an apology in how they handled some problems.

To expect a free cruise is a bit nervy, IMO. =dunno =huh