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Anyone on the SPIRIT to Alaska on 7/16/05?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by Calimom, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. Calimom

    Calimom Guest

    Hi, just wondering if anyone is booked on the Spirit from Seattle to Alaska on 7/16/05? We've never cruised on NCL before, hope it will be a good experience! Our kids, 11 & 15, are also coming with us, so if any other families with kids are going it would be nice to post messages so the kids could have some friends to hang out with on the cruise!

    Happy New Year!
  2. flbratt

    flbratt Guest

    No but my son and I will be on the ship May 28th to Alaska so I will let you know how it was.

    As you can see we have only done carnival cruises before so I am looking forward to the change!
  3. Calimom

    Calimom Guest


    Thanks! That would be great! Funny you should mention you've only been on Carnival! Same with us! 3 Carnival cruises! This is our first on another line too! Any and all info. would be great! I'm curious to know about the whole dining experience! My travel agent said there would only be one formal night and that we wouldn't have a set dinner time. This is all so strange to us since they don't do this on Carnival! Let me know if you go on any excursions that you can recommend! Gosh! I can't wait to hear about your cruise! Hope you have a great time!

    Rainy California :)
  4. kadao

    kadao Guest

    Calimom - wow, I can't believe it - someone finally on the same cruise as us!!! I posted a roll call awhile ago but no response.

    We've been on NCL before. I LOVED it. I love the freestyle dining. On the formal night they usually have it in just one dining room then the others are less formal, so if you don't want to go formal you don't have to. So far our whole family is going ( 2 sons aged 18 and 22 by then). I don't know if they will actually end up going with us or not. They have till April to decide.

    Also, on our last cruise we met someone through another roll call forum and then in person on the cruise. They have also booked the Spirit on the 16th and I sure hope they will be able to make it. They are really nice people and I look forward to spending time with them again.

    We went on another Alaskan cruise about 3 years ago. It was very beautiful.
  5. Calimom

    Calimom Guest


    I hope we will love NCL too! So what type of excursions did you go on the last time you went to Alaska? Anything you can recommend? We will have 6 of our family on this cruise! We are really looking forward to it! My husband, myself and our two boys will be in a porthole cabin. We have always had a full window cabin in the past, have you been in any of NCL cabins with portholes? If so, do you know how big the window is? We don't plan on spending much time in the cabin, but are hoping the portholes are big enough to get a halfway decent view!

    What types of activities do they usually have on NCL?!

    Maybe we'll see you on board! I'm really looking forward to the cruise! Just seems so far off right now though!


    Elation 8/01
    Fantasy 7/03
    Ecstasy 1/04
    Spirit 7/05
  6. kadao

    kadao Guest

    Let's see. In Juneau I went on the river rafting trip to Mendenhall glacier and my husband and son went on a gold mine tour. Both were great. In Skagway we did the train ride which was beautiful. We also went to Sitka but didn't go to Ketchican. I don't know yet what we will do this time, I will think about it when it gets closer!

    On the NCL SEA we had a big window, but on a Carnival ship we had a port hole, which was fine. On the other ones we have had inside cabins. On this trip we are getting an inside. We just don't spend hardly any time in the room to make it worth the extra cost.

    Let's see. On NCL they have trivia games, game show games, art auctions, classes, pretty much the same stuff as on other cruise lines. There is always so much to do that we never get bored. I really like the personal choice dining, and never had a problem getting a table.

    That would be cool to meet up on the cruise. We did that with our last cruise and really had a nice time seeing in person the people we had gotten to know on the message boards.
  7. Calimom

    Calimom Guest


    Thanks for the info on NCL! Hopefully Trish will post again after her cruise and give us headstart on things to do and see on the cruise!

    Yeah, we should keep in touch on the message board and maybe meet up on the cruise one day! Sounds like fun! I don't know what room we will have yet. I haven't gotten any paperwork yet since I just booked last week!

    Thanks again for the info!

  8. kadao

    kadao Guest

    we have our cabin assignment but I don't remember what it is right off. I have it saved on my computer somewhere!

    Hopefully other people will find this roll call too. I posted a roll call on another board also, but haven't heard anything yet. I know it's a little early.
  9. Don Clark

    Don Clark Guest

    I cruised on the Spirit last summer. Its a wonderful ship with a wonderful crew. In Prince Rupert there is a canoe initiary I enjoyed.... After riding trains, trams, and buses to glaciers, it was nice to work off some of the pounds I gained from the great food I enjoyed on the cruise at the last port....
  10. DixieDL

    DixieDL Guest

    Hey Trish,

    myself, DH & DD are also on th May 28th cruise. How old is your son? It is our first cruise in 12 years, we are very excited.
  11. kadao

    kadao Guest

    Hey Calimom! Can't wait till the cruise!!! I don't know if you are interested, but we have a roll call on another site. Here is the link if you would like to check it out.
    There are a couple other people going who are posting.
  12. flbratt

    flbratt Guest

    Hey Dixie,

    My son is 15 but he looks older (6 ft 4) I always get mistaken for his girlfriend(it can be a nice thing and then I am like ewhh) :)

    But I hope we can meet.....this trip is more for my son he loves Alaska I am more of the let me port out of my home port of Tampa and head down to Belize or Cozumel.
    But seeing the wildlife will be fun for me and seeing snow....haven't seen that since 1997.

    I am looking at air fair and am hearing it is going up this week.....si I am still booking our air fair. Not sure if we should come in a day early....I think we will but, I don't know the Seattle area and don't know a good hotel to stay at.
  13. DixieDL

    DixieDL Guest


    Our daughter is only 4 - guess our kids won't be getting together to play ;-)

    We are going to get into Seattle on Thursday late (around 11:30 pm) and they spend Friday checking out downtown Seattle. If you check out http://www.seeseattle.org/ or http://www.portseattle.org/seatac/ it has some good info on where to stay and what to do... Maybe we can get together for drinks or something... always love meeting new people....

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