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anyone on the Summit lately?

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Robrph, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. Robrph

    Robrph Guest

    looking into an April, 2004 cruise to the western caribbran on the Summit. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who cruised on her recently willing to express opinions on food, service, etc. Thanks.
  2. BP

    BP Guest

    We sailed on her last February and are sailing on her February 2. In between we sailed on the Millennium. The reason that we are sailing for the third time in a year on Celebrity is for the great service and better then average cruise line food. Their speciality Restaurant is a stand out and worth every cent extra they charge. We do enjoy dining in good restaurants with a good bottle of wine and were not let down by Celebrity.
  3. freelancer

    freelancer Guest

    We were on the November 10, 2003, 11-night Western Caribbean Summit cruise.

    In spite of a few health problems at the start (not the fault of the cruise line--we had the flu), it was a great cruise. The weather cooperated with sunny days, fairly calm seas (two days were a bit rough) and beautiful evenings at sea.

    The service was excellent. Our room steward, Mendes and his assistant, Lewis, kept the cabin tidy and clean. They also provided us with the extra towels we requested on the first day throughout the cruise without asking again. The dining room waiter, Dervis and his assistant, Christopher, were the best team we've had so far. Dervis went out of his way to ensure that you had a pleasant dining experience and Christopher always remembered your preferences for salad dressing, coffee, tea, etc.

    For a treat, try the specialty restaurant The Normandy. You need a reservation, which you can make onboard the first day, but it's worth the $25 per person. The menu is a bit limited, but the choices are very good and the food was excellent. As was the service. For a similar experience in a fine US or Canadian restaurant, you would pay $125 and up. It has an extensive wine list and the sommelier is very helpful. It is an intimate setting and an unhurried meal.

    Food is subjective. While we prefer the breakfast and lunch buffet on Holland America, we find that evening meals are far superior on Celebrity. That said, there were a few misses, but not by much. I find that the veal is a bit tough, but the fish is usually very good. Pizza is excellent, as is the salad and sandwich bar at lunch. The daily pasta bar was always a busy spot on sea days when the buffet was usually quite busy.

    Because we had the flu, we missed a few ports, but did manage to see a bit of Panama and did a tour in Aurba. Many people headed to the beaches in some ports and took tours in Costa Rica and Panama. Note: Cozumel was very busy as there were eight ships in port that day.

    Hope this helps.

  4. ROSS

    ROSS Guest

    HI ROB!!

    THE SUMMIT IS FANTASTIC!! It is a very nice ship with superb service and amentities. We were on her in October and had an excellent time. One of the best crews we ever encountered. Look for my review in the review section. ENJOY!!


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  5. Fllady

    Fllady Guest

    We were on Summit last April and thought it was the best out of all the Celebrity cruises we have been on (8 cruises) so we are going again this March. We were on Millennium in Dec. and it was great but still we thought Summit was better. We agree with what everyone said also. Would definitely recommend a balcony, happy cruising!1
  6. Robrph

    Robrph Guest

    thanks to all for your input. This will be our second Celebrity cruise (Galaxy two years ago) and we definitely see an improvement over Carnival and Royal Caribbean. After reading your responses, we can't wait!! Thanks again.
  7. BobTuck

    BobTuck Guest

    Rob, We are sailing on Summit 4/5/2004. Is this the cruise you booked? If so check the post in the roll call section and post! We are travelling in a group of 11. Hope you have a great cruise!
  8. Robrph

    Robrph Guest

    Sorry, no, we're on the April 30 7-night cruise. But we will be watching carefully for your review when you return. Thanks.


    Bob Tuck

    Have you checked the cruisecritic.com website. If you do and go to roll call for Celebrity you will find a thread for the April 5th cruise. Also there is a link to Celebrity Connections on the Celebrity website. If you are unfamiliar with this. If 25 cruisers sign up Celebrtiy throws an onboard party. Currently there are 21 cruisers signed up the the party.

    Hope you will join us. In any case it should be a great cruise
  10. Spender Nui

    Spender Nui Guest

    Was on her last November (11 days) and just got off her again yesterday(10 days). All was A+. Enjoy!
  11. nypisces

    nypisces Guest

    Two words - "Do it"!
    Just returned from 10 days on Summit and can't say enough. Sailed with HAL 13 times and now consider myself converted.
    Have a great trip!
  12. LynnObie

    LynnObie Guest

    RE: nypisces post or anyone else who can compare HAL to Summit

    We have taken a few HAL cruises, most recently on the Oosterdam and Statendam. Seriously considering a cruise on Summit & interested in hearing any comparisons between HAL and Summit.

    Thanks! :)
  13. BP

    BP Guest

    Sailed on the Summit this past February 2 and loved it. It was our second time on the Summit and we will probably sail on her again next February.
  14. drumman

    drumman Guest

    Massages on the Summit

    Looking in the Brochures I see packages of the spa. I was just wondering if you could just get a massage for somewhere around $75 to $100, Not a $400 deal.
  15. markshock

    markshock Guest

    Re: Massages on the Summit

    Yes those prices are just for a package deal. You can get individual massages for around 100.00 Also check the paper each day because in port days they always run specials.

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