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Anyone order a RCI brochure lately?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Ann, Aug 19, 2002.

  1. Ann

    Ann Guest

    I ordered one off their website about a week and half ago. They seem to have a glitch in their program - I now have 7 brochures! Everyday I open the mailbox and there is another brochure!

  2. Regan

    Regan Guest

    Yes, Ann, same thing is happening to me! At first, I thought they must really be interested in getting my busines. Now, it's becoming a nusance. I think I have received about 10 to date. Oh well, I guess now I have plenty to share with other cruisers in my family.
  3. xpcdoojk

    xpcdoojk Guest

    Yep, anyone need the exotic 2002 book. I have received at least 6 copies in the past two weeks. One is good two is better six is silly! No wonder they are having trouble making money!

  4. Vic

    Vic Guest

    Same here...I'm getting one everyday.
  5. Ann

    Ann Guest

    Well I didn't get one today... maybe they will stop! But I also called them yesterday and told them about the problem - guess no one else has mentioned getting lots of brochures to them - didn't seem to know anything about it.

    I may have opened myself up again to getting deluged again - I asked for the Caribbean one to be sent to me - the one I got was just cruises in general to all over the place.

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one getting multiple copies!

  6. Pilgrim Pete

    Pilgrim Pete Guest

    Ann, before you dump those old ones in the trash, could I ask which edition you have received multiple copies of.

    Over here in the UK we receive a different brochure and I would be interested in seeing a non UK version, particularly with reference to the classification of the Cat 'C' suites and access to the concierge.
  7. Okay, my problem is the opposite! I ordered a brochure off the internet and never got one! So I tried again.....never got one! Finally picked one up at our local AAA.
  8. Pilgrim Pete

    Pilgrim Pete Guest

    Ann, does your brochure cover all areas of the World and include all Ships, including the Voyager in the Caribbean. Also what calendar is covered in the brochures you have received? If you do have a spare copy I would like to forward the cost of postage to the UK, to cover your costs in sending a copy to us. Would you email me privately if this would be convenient?
  9. wishin

    wishin Guest

    Gee could I get one? LOL. I ordered one for myself and another for a friend who will be cruising with us. Neither of us got one and it's been over 2 weeks.
  10. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Still waiting for them to send our brochures. It's been several weeks. Guess I'll try again!
  11. cindy I

    cindy I Guest

    It took 3 weeks for our to get here. They sent us two different catalogs,
  12. MikeInPgh

    MikeInPgh Guest

    So that is where mine went.
  13. EBoling

    EBoling Guest

    Can someone tell me where on the www.rccl.com web site I can order a brochure? I've looked high and low and can't find the correct place to order one.

  14. imlulu

    imlulu Guest

    I just picked on up. My dh really would like to go on the Voyager. However I didn't find much info on ships and hardly any pics of ships. My brochure is for 2003-2004 Caribean.
  15. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

  16. sailingrose

    sailingrose Guest

    Go down to the bottom and click on Order Brochure.
  17. wishin

    wishin Guest

    RCI must be having problems with their on-line brochure requests. It is no longer available on their web-site. I tried sending a message with my request under "contact us". We'll see what happens.

    Of course, I could always drop into my local TA's office and pick up another one. But since I've spent so much time in there lately, I'm embarassed to do that.
  18. Actually, I ordered a brochure last night...it's VERY hard to find. In fact, I can't remember how I did it...

    Anyway, I ordered a Caribbean and a Mexico one at the beginning of June. So far I have received 5 of the Caribbean and 3 of the Mexico. What I find odd, is that the latest caribbean ones are still the old 2002-03 ones...and I know they're now sending out the 2003-4 ones.

    So shortly I expect to have a half dozen Alaska ones. :>

    I wrote RCI about it and was told to call the brochure department.
  19. castlemoor

    castlemoor Guest

    I get at least two a week.

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