Anyone still here?



:wave This is the only site I come to "all the time." Even just for a quick "what's everyone up to." We are up at our lake cabin 5 days/week and internet connection is very iffy as far as posting, and when we come "home to civilization" I am babysitting 4 month old (today!) GS Bryan, so I don't get a chance to post as much as I used to. And I have to watch Yankee games in the summer too! :thumb Don't know what I would do without all the "regular stuff" on the boards every day tho!


U reading your premature obituary again Capitain??? :grin Guess I am back from a LONG day on the Road. :dance



Either me or my other personality is here everyday, although I don't say much.
One of us ( referring to my other personality again ) has been here since about the year 2000 a. d. although it doesn't show us as being here that long. :wave :wave

Cruise cutie

:wave well I'm here, but not always because even now my PATIENTS ask me if I have a day off??.. sigh.. but eventually I get to come back here..:grin..Joanne


I think the perception is many are not here because some may read more than post. So maybe we should have a food fight or something to give us a reason to post more.

I'm throwing a pie at bOB.

The Cruiser

Food Fight? Sounds like were back in HS. :lol :lol

Throwing a Key Lime Pie at the Capt. for starting the food fight. :grin


From reading the thread, if it makes a difference that all the "lurkers" that say they are here every day, would start posting everyday instead of lurking, if I open the forums and see two lines of logged in users in the online users block and 150 guests like we used to have, if those that live on the Aft Deck and refuse to even go to the Q and A board much less consider posting on it start contributing there once in a while and occasionally one of the many other forums we have, and if you will make an occasional trip to the home page, (you don't need to answer, just ask yourself when were you there last) and we start reverting to becoming a total community rather than segregated forum groupies................................ then

If throwing a pie will make the difference, throw all the pies you want, and I'll stand corrected with no remorse.

I have spent the last 10 years devoted to these forums, watching over the flamers, the bigots, those that spent their waking hours thinking about vile things to post and ways to disrupt the community and attack the individual, (thanks for reminding me of that E :grin ) and most of you are to new to have experienced those days, but they were rough (just ask Red & E, they got a lot of it) it took a lot but this is a pretty nice place to hang out now days.
BUT - - You won't get to throw a pie at me on Facebook, on Twitter, or even in real time on Youtube, no plans to ever have an account on any of them, so if your going to throw one it will have to be right here. And I sincerely look forward to another 10 years of pie throwing. At least that's MY plan................................

<img src=> Thanks for reminding me Red.........