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Anyone still here?


red stripe

bOb, I feel lucky to call you my friend.
And I can think of no-one that has done so much work, usually in the background for this board.

I am actually guilty of not visiting the home board, or posting lately on the Q & A board, and I have neglected the ports of call.
So toss a pie this way too.

So my friend... I will not toss a pie at you, but I will be happy to serve you one .. what pie do you like?

and so nice to see the clown back again. :clown


I have noticed so many of the "usuals" have been missing. Jamman, Lizardstew, Jetblue, Mal and Judi, Carole, Marleejean, even Duskbat doesn't post too much anymore. =shrug


I'm here 3-4 times a week. I do not have any pie. I do have a can of spray whipped topping and a can of silly string if that will help...