Anyone with any experience sleeping next to someone with a CPAP machine?


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I've been telling DH for years that he had sleep apnea, but he just laughed at me. Finally a few weeks ago I told him if he didn't tell his doctor, I would! :madd: He did, they sent him home with a testing machine, and the results came in today... very severe case of sleep apnea!

So in a few weeks he gets a CPAP machine (no, that's not an R Calgon). What's it like to sleep next to someone using one of those?


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MUCH quieter then sleeping next to one who doesn't but needs to! The machine it’s self is very quiet and the person wearing it no longer snores or if they do it is very soft….I wish Leatherneck would go back to wearing his…but he won’t wear it anymore. His case was mild.


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To me it is like a white noise. I now wake up if I don't hear the C Pap machine on. It really made my quality of life better.


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So maybe I can sleep with out ear plugs for the first time in 26 years? Yahoo! I'll also look forward to sleeping without waking up so much... I used to lay there and pull out theh plugs and listen to his breathing.. then poke him to start breathing again when he would stop. Now I won't worry about that. (smile)

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The CPAP machines we use at work are noisy, but they are really old. Lots of patients will bring their own from home. Those machines are very quiet. If you can sleep through snoring, you can easily sleep through a new CPAP.

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Oscar got his first in 1993. Many up grades after that. The white noise is very comforting, especially knowing he is breathing well. You will soon get used to it, and will only notice if it stops.


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.....and I don't blame her a bit! I just wish Leon would wear his, but I think it never fit properly, so it just sits there.
Oh Jacquie, that would really upset me! I told Gordon he would have to take it next year on the Sapphire.. and again, he just laughed... sigh...


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And when going on cruises, be sure to tell your TA's about the CPAP so that the cruise line is aware, distilled water can be ordered, and - if you wish - an extension cord can be furnished.


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I have found it works well on the cruise . . .especially with the cruise line providing a gallon of water. More than enough. On princess ships, my CPAP fits real nice in the night stand just below the lamp. Depending on cabin configuration and CPAP cord length, you may not need an extension cord . . . .


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And when going on cruises, be sure to tell your TA's about the CPAP so that the cruise line is aware, distilled water can be ordered, and - if you wish - an extension cord can be furnished.
Any extension cord(s) needed on Celebrity are an issue when boarding if you take your own. They don't like that. I think it's mostly cords that people take for other reasons and overload with electronics to charge that they are worried about but they are not allowing them onboard without you getting called down to the baggage sheriff.
So make sure your TA advise the Cruise line as she mentions. We still take our own in carry on.


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It's much quieter when DH uses his. He always uses at home but, does not want to take it on cruises or other vacations. Fortunately i am one of those people that can sleep through almost anything.


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When he picks his machine, tell him to ask for a light weight one for travel. I did that and recieved one small and light weight - the size of a tissue box. When I found out I needed one (did the study), a friend gave me theirs as they couldn't make it a week. I use that one on a regular basis and it has a mild "white noise" sound. The small one has practically no sound.


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The CPAP is wonderful! Occasionally, I might hear some squeaking if his mask isn't on properly, so I tap him on the shoulder, he adjusts the mask, and we both get some sleep. For those whose spouses/partners need the CPAP but aren't using it, have them go in to make sure the mask fits properly. Also, I believe the mask has to be replaced every so often.

Like a couple of others here, DH also has a separate CPAP for travel. It's smaller and lighter. While it won't count as a carry-on when flying, he is often questioned by TSA, so be prepared for that.

Enjoy your restful slumber, Glo!