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AOS 9/12/04 Anyone out there?

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by IBCAR18, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. me&eric

    me&eric Guest

    Hi Ali,
    We booked through RCCL the 5 star catamaran. Have you ever been on that? We heard it was good. Just want to make sure its worth the money. Any advice? Also our flight does not leave San Juan the day we go home till 4:30pm. Any ideas on what to do? Do we take our luggage with us on a tour? or hang out for hours at the airport?
  2. Hi ya'll,

    We've been getting hammered by rain storms down here in Texas. I told my DH the other day that this must be what it's like to live in Florida; plenty of rain, heat and humidity. My backyard has started to have a tropical, swamp quality to it. Oh well, at least the mosquitos seem happy.

    Well, here I am on cruise addicts...I think this is my first post. I hope I can find my way back without that link from the other web site.

    Does any one know which of the ports are tenders (if any)? I think I read somewhere that St. Martin is a tender for the AOS only. Not sure why, but maybe some past AOS cruisers can enlighten me.

    My DH and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary on September 15th. We've sprung for our first balcony cabin, and I'm pretty excited, especially since it's an "Aft Balcony". Everyone's always talking about the Aft balconies, so I decided I needed to see what all the fuss was about.

    I've already booked and paid for my pre-cruise night in San Juan, otherwise, I would join ya'll at the Caribe Hilton. The Hilton was on my list of hotels to stay at, but I ended up booking at the Intercontinental in Isla Verde for no particular reason except that it seemed as good as any, and I got a good deal. Oh well, watcha gonna do...

    Well, gotta go, but I'll try to find my way back later.


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  3. me&eric

    me&eric Guest

    whats a tender???
  4. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Melissa, a tender is where the ship anchors way out from the port and a little tender boat carriers passengers from the ship to the actual dock. At some ports the ship will pull right up to the dock and we can get off and sometimes they have to anchor way out and a little boat takes you to the "land". Ally, we had an "Aft Cabin" on the Pride and really liked it. View is awesome!!!! You'll enjoy.
  5. Ali

    Ali Guest

    The Adventure docks in St. Maarten so you won't have to worry about taking a tender. You will be right next to the taxi's and the water taxi that will bring you into the downtown area. The water taxi is $5 for an all day ticket or $3 one way.

    If you plan on visiting the french side, St. Martin you can share a taxi normally for $3-5 a person.
  6. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    Hi everyone! I found you.... Thanks Michelle!!

    Well I survived my1st mother/daughter camping trip with my daughters brownie troop. We roughed it, but had a great time.

    Dave and I are in for Portofino's on Tuesday night. I believe that was the night everyone

    Were still trying to decided what to do in Barbados, its our 10th anniversary. Any
  7. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    Hi Kerri,
    I think there are a few others celebrating too!!

    Thanks for asking what tendering meant I was trying to figure that one out too!

    Do you think we have totally lost everyone else?? I hope not!

  8. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    Hi Cheryl,

    I am glad you found us. Camping with Brownies!! How fun. I have been a scout leader for my oldest daughter since she was a Daisy. She is a Cadette now. My youngest won't be starting scouts for another 3 years. I guess I will be doing it all over again then.
    I can't wait. Are you sore from sleeping on the ground or did you get to use air mattresses or cots?

    I went over to the other boards and saw that Tamara had posted there. She said she is going to try and get on over here. She was having some trouble. I saw where Racalious had posted there as well. Have we heard anything from Kathy?

    Enjoy your evening..

  9. rock0994

    rock0994 Guest

    Hi Jodi,
    We slept in an old cabin on bunk beds. I guess you wouldn’t think that was roughing it, we could have slept on the ground. No running water - Outhouse - but we got used to it. We had fun cooking over the fire for every meal. As a family, we camp in tents once a year with showers, gas grills, all the extras.

    Is everyone staying on this board?

    Have a great day!!

  10. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Good morning AOS cruisers!!! Cheryl, your survived the camping trip!! I am glad you found us here and that you and Dave will be joining us for dinner @ Portofino's on Tuesday night!!! So far we have, myself, Melissa, Tamara, Jodi and Cheryl (along with the hubbies) confirmed for dinner there. 10 so far!! Glad everyone is finding us here.......let's try and keep out thread at the top. So much easier to find. As far as Barbados goes.....seems like alot of us are stil unsure what we will be doing there and yes......looks like we have lots of anniversaries and such to celebrate while on this cruise. Guess that will call for more foo-foo drinks!!!!! Hope everyone has a great day......check back in later. Michelle.
  11. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    This is post # 50!!!!!!!! We are movin' right along here guys....keep it up!!!!!
  12. me&eric

    me&eric Guest

    good morning everyone!!!
    Lets make our Tuesday night dinner our celebration to all our special occasions. Someone can make a toast :) Cheryl, glad you made it back ok from the brownie trip. Memories that will last a lifetime. Those were such fun days for my daughter & me.
    I guess we are doing well with almost everyone making it to this thread. Hope everyone has a great day!!!! chat later...........Melissa
    PS. Jodi, or anyone else..... do you want to borrow that DVD? I could mail it to you and you could mail it to the next person. That last one to have it can bring it with them to the cruise and it will get back to us. We don't mind.
    Michelle thanks for explaining tenders. Remember I am new to all this. :)
    Whats everyones plans for the 4th???

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  13. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    Hey. It finally worked. I can communicate with you guys "over here". So exciting!!!!! Missed you all.
    Posted O.T. (over there) Will be glad to arrange for a taxi van to take us from hilton to adventure on sept 12 morning- someone will need to do the portofino res. asap upon boarding so we can all dine together to celebrate all the anniversaries and such-
    For those who arrive on sept 11th- drinks at 6 p.m. with dinner following or at 8 p.m. after dinner? and Sunday- "cruise kick off" cocktails time and place? Have we gotten a meet and mingle time and location assigned to us yet or is that done like closer to cruise time?
    little miss s- we have an aft balcony and are celebrating our 20th too! There is another couple with an aft as well , just can't remember off hand who it is.......... Hope that corner aft measures up to all the wonderful things said about them!!!!!! can't wait- may be room for a cocktail party out there?
    anyone bringing some wine or other adult libations with them? blenders / margarita's on the balcony? Getting way too fired up here-
    more later
  14. piercetc2

    piercetc2 Guest

    would it be easier to communicate lists of how many to make reservations for here and there via email?
    Does our group need a name? read about the big cats going on mariner- sounds like a pretty fun group- anyway- should we have a name for our little group?
    Anyone getting a cruise addicts t- shirt? or a cruise cr____ t-shirt or door sign? If we did do the t-shirts- we could all sign them while on the cruise? have i gone cruise crazy
    off to walmart for water guns and toy boats- for the kids, i promise!!
  15. me&eric

    me&eric Guest

    Glad you made it back Tamra!!!!! : ) Not sure but only my guess that we each need to make our own reservations. They might not let us book for other people. I wonder?? We should pick a time for dinner Tuesday so we know when to reserve. What are your thoughts everyone? We could tell them atleast how many people for the table. Is it up to 12 or??? T-shirts sound great!!!! We are bringing something to drink, for sure! Still have no idea what meet & mingle day or time is. We should make up a group name also. That would be cute ; ) any thoughts? We have a balcony too ,but not aft.


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  16. Tamra, our Aft Balcony is on Deck 9. Where are you? Let me know if I need to wave to the left, right, up or down.

    I'm sooo glad we don't have to tender in St. Martin, but I could have sworn I read something about tendering in one of those ports. Maybe Rascalious knows, because I think he's been down that way before. Whatever port we tender in (if any at all), I will probably plan to do a ship run excursion or something very loosely scheduled so I don't have to fuss with the crowds trying get off the ship onto those little boats.

    Let's talk some more about excursions. We will probably snorkel a lot. I think we're going to bring our snorkeling gear if there's room in the suitcase. This is going to be wierd, because this is the first cruise we've been on where we had to fly to the ship. All 5 of our previous cruises we've just hopped in the car and drove to the pier, so I overpacked big time. This time with the airline restrictions, I'm going to try to travel lighter. I can hear my husband laughing as I type this...but really I'm going to try.

    Better start on my packing list...Later, Ally
  17. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Since ya'll bring up the thought of coming up with a group name.......let's hear them!!!! The Big Cats are a cool group!! They are sailing the Mainer this year. I had the opportunity to sail together last year with them on the Glory. We had a mighty fine group and I will miss sailing with them this year.....but look sooooo forward to meeting all my new cruise buddies!!!! Tamara, I am so glad you found us here. Who has not found us yet? Like the idea of our thread staying on top here!!!!!!! As far as the reservations for Portofino's goes......Once we have a group name and a confirmed number of people I believe the best thing for us to do is each couple make their own reservation AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE ON SHIP and put it under our group name cause I believe they ask for your cabin # too. Any other ideas or comments? Tamara, who are you going to reserve the shuttle van with? Just curious? Hey Lou.......what happened to you? Any interest in the Portofino's dinner or other excursions????
  18. mom2MCI

    mom2MCI Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Just taking a break from playing outside with the kids and thought I would check the boards. You all have been very busy today!!

    Tamara we love to camp with our kids. I love cooking over the fire. For our upcoming missions trip we are sleeping in a tent and really roughing it for 7 days. It should be real interesting.

    As for reservations. I like Tuesday night. The idea of coming up with a name and number and then each of us making our own to confirm it is great. I am not real creative when it comes to things like that. Any ideas. I was just thinking about that last night though because I was ready the "Big Cats" stuff as well and thought it would be nice for after the cruise as well to stay in touch.

    I was thinking about ordering shirts from both boards for my hubby and I. The idea for signing them is good too.

    We won't get our meet and mingle information until right before the cruise so we don't know what day yet for that.

    Celebrating all of the anniversary's would be fun too. We are going to be bringing some adult drinks with us. I was thinking about ordering some snacks for the room the first night, but it was really expensive. I was also reading on some thread about a Chocolate Lover's buffet!!! Do they have one this cruise? I am all for that!!

    We still haven't decided about excursions yet except for St. Lucia. Do many things to choose from.

    I started my packing list last night. I am going to have to do some shopping for the hubby he needs a few things. I need shoes!!! Yeah!! I love shoes!!

    Got to run...Everyone have a great day!!!

  19. IBCAR18

    IBCAR18 Guest

    Jodi.........be thinking about a Name for our group!!!!! Suggestions anyone????
  20. me&eric

    me&eric Guest

    I'd say lets ask our husbands for a name for the group but the might think we have gone off the deep end. I think us girls are more excited and get in to this stuff more than they do. BUT I can't think of a name. I'm not good at that stuff. Michelle, the weather is so bad down here right now. My husband called from his work and he is about 1/2 away from me. He said the tree's are leaning way over and MEGA lighting!!!
    I have to drive home in to it, yuk!
    FYI: you will see me at the chocolate lovers buffet EVERY night if they have one!
    Have a great night everyone!

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